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    Heavy Stuff

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    Thank You for this article! I agree this is an awful event that happened because no one should result in such ways because of a meaningless argument. Situations like these need to be handled properly.
    In order for someone to result in such a horrible way for people to die from, the perpetrator could've possible had pyromania, a form that fails to resist the urge to setting fires. The perpetrator probably got a feeling of tension or arousal before setting the fire and a sense of gratification or relief while the fire burnt. In he/ she's family history it is possible that their is a history of comorbid impulse disorders, and it is possible that the perpetrator has a history of setting fires.
    As a way of treating himself is through cognitive-behvayiral therapy involving finding the triggers and signals that initiate the urges and following coping strategies to avoid the temptations.

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    Thank you for your post. I agree with you that in the United States it is far too easy to get a weapon. This coupled with the role media plays with violence leads to a lot of aggression. Media plays a huge role in the promotion of violence, guns and fights with various movies, video games and even popular rap music. This has a huge effect on how children, especially males, view the relationship of violence and power. I agree with you and believe this plays a role in this shooting.
    Another factor that has an effect on acts of violence nowadays is discrimination. The shooter does show signs of religious discrimination. He did not like organized religion and acting violently against it in this shooting. He may have viewed other victims as inferior to him depending on their answer when asked what religion they believed in, and then shot them.
    I believe that there is more to this issue than violence, discrimination and guns. I believe that there is an underlying issue. I believed that the gunman suffered from a mental health disorder or an imbalance. In order for a man to be so angry that he kills 9 people, there must be something wrong. People with good mental health do not react that way to hatred, they would not be able to kill 9 people because of their religious beliefs. I believe that hatred like this stems from a lot of pain and anger. This could have happened from a traumatic event which affected how he viewed religion. He could have suffered manipulation by people on the internet as well which led him to be discriminatory. He could have also been born with a chemical imbalance which made him susceptible to his. Regardless of which mental disorder and why, I believe that this man was truly sick in order to be able to feel such hatred for people. I think that the gunman was also a victim. He killed 10 people including himself. This man was not able to process anger and hatred properly and was not able to act rationally. I believe he suffered from a mental disorder.
    I believe there should be programs in place in attempt to stop this kind of hatred. Often people who are bullied commit acts of violence like this in schools. If teachers worked alongside social workers in order to discuss students behaviour, perhaps there would be less violence at school. They should make this part of the school curriculum. Teachers and parents should work together in order to assess if a child's behaviour is normal and what steps they should take when a child is excluded or shows signs of this type of behaviour. This kind of behaviour does not show up overnight, it is a long process and I believe we could stop it before anyone gets hurt.

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    While project BRITE seems very promising and an excellent tool for rehabilitation of drug users, I believe there is an important mental health aspect to explore further when discussing this issue.

    Substance abuse disorders are extremely damaging to one's general quality of life, in some cases, destroying people's live. And so, the prevalence of preexisting substance abuse disorders is extremely relevant here. The underlying substance dependence is what leads all these people to be put in prison and have their lives ruined. Accordingly, if we take a mental health perspective and understand the roots causes of the issue, more can be done in terms of prevention and aid rather than treating once the damage has already been done. Substance abuse disorders have many aspects to them: psychological influences, social expectations, exposure to the drug and biological influences. For this reason, they must all be paid attention to. Ergo, if we treated drug abusers as people with a mental health condition, maybe much more progress can be made. Basically, prison or rehab should be last measures, not the only measure.

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    Last week people around the world were again notified with news regarding Terror. Although we often hear that these criminals committing these horrible acts are muslim. Although the real question is that since there are 1.6 billion muslims around the world that it is not because of their religion. Maybe think about mental health?. According to most authorities it is believed that these people have been so called “radicalized” which in my opinion is someone playing with your mental state. Clearly its been proven that people who are suffering from a disease like schizophrenia often have voices talking to them leading to put them and other people at risk. My opinion, is that these people who committed these acts of terror whether in California or in Paris were clearly suffering from mental health issues. Also all of the terrorist caught in these acts were born in western areas of the world clearly proving that they’re place of bir Thus this reconfirms the fact that mental health should be a top priority in schools and communities in order for us to diagnose people at an earl stage. By early diagnosis not only will we minimize these horrible terror attacks but also help cure these people. In the long run, I am convinced we will see a change as mental health is becoming a more pressing issue. The only problem is we have to keep raising awareness in order to relieve the stigma related to mental health. Therefore the fact that everyone is losing their mind over some sort of online radicalization is completely absurd, the real people we should watch out is the people that are getting radicalized over the internet. Clearly these people who are getting convinced over the internet are the ones that pose a risk to our society.

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    I understand the article’s main message, I do agree that instagram has a negative effect on society. Instagram is negatively affecting its users in two distinct ways which are both stress related. One being, users may become very anxious when posting pictures on their instagram, it can definitely be stressful for some people who may feel sad if they do not get enough likes on their pictures. Two, instagram users may not be aware that they are idolizing certain socialites who post pictures with edited bodies, making them look perfect. Because of this problem, users might try to be like the socialites in the instagram pictures, and might become sad if they fail since it is quite hard to be exactly like a photoshopped picture. Or, for the same problem, the user might then only want to pursue, and be attracted to, people in real life that look like the socialite in the picture. The user may then become sad when faced with reality, people in real life do not look like people in photoshopped pictures, and might even face difficulties when it comes to sexual relations. There is psychologically related issues that can arise from these two highlighted problems. Mental health is a very important aspect of an individual's life, and these two problems of instagram can definitely mess with someone’s mental health. To elaborate on this I am going to discuss an example for both the first problem and the second problem of instagram.

    For the first, let’s say I am someone who is often stressed, and on top of this, I am very insecure about my instagram posts because I need likes to boost my self confidence and be happy. So I post a picture and I only get 1 like. Then I post another and I only get 2 likes. This keeps happening, meanwhile my peers that I am following, who are in my class, are getting hundreds of likes. So I become extremely stressed because I feel like there can be nothing worse in life than getting such a little amount of likes. I feel like this is a terrible life experience and I am so humiliated. I feel socially rejected, I feel like I am no longer relative. Because of all these feelings that come from instagram, I develop a mood disorder known as depression. For instagram I think the easiest solution to this problem would be to eliminate likes. So people would still be allowed to gain as many followers as possible, but likes would no longer exist. Personally I do not think this will ever happen. Therefore, to treat depression, an individual should go to his or her GP and get a referral for a psychologist, I would recommend speaking to a psychologist first, even if your GP prescribes you anti-depressants, it is always better to get an opinion of a psychologist and hey, even a second psychologist’s opinion can’t hurt. Early intervention of the mental health problem is always best.

    For the second problem of instagram, an example of this is, let’s say I am someone who is unaware that the socialite I’m in love with is editing all his pictures to make his body perfect, I might become stressed when not being able to get a body like he has in his pictures. This stress might eventually make me sad to the point where I become depressed after trying so hard to become something impossible. I don’t think instagram could do anything about this problem, as people in this day and age should be allowed to post whatever types of pictures they want, edited or not. So the treatment here would be the same as the treatment recommended in the first problem. An example of the next part of problem two that I discussed is, let's say I am in love with a famous girl's perfect body on instagram, and I am unaware that it is fake, I then start to reject pretty girls because they do not match my criteria for pretty, as I believe that pretty is actually some fake photoshopped picture. This would result in me feeling better than everyone, and thinking that I deserve my idea of perfection and nothing less. This can eventually turn into a psychological disorder called narcissistic personality disorder which is described as a pervasive pattern of grandiosity. Imagine a world where a guy rejects a beautiful girl because she does not look like the photoshopped socialite he loves, well that’s definitely the result of instagram on some people in the world we live in today. Treatment for people with narcissistic personality disorder is talk therapy, which is psychotherapy emphasizing conversation between the therapist (usually a psychologist) and the patient.

    I just have some comments to make on the poster’s analysis/reflection of the article. I do not think he has any right to judge Kylie Jenner getting lip injections or breast implants. The poster says “She has also been accused several times of having lip injections and breasts implants, which, if true, are absolutely ridiculous for a seventeen-year-old girl to have”, my friend, who are you to judge. Also, the poster says “people like Kim and Kylie do make me extremely angry” and his reason is “because they are not actually being themselves”. My friend, who are you to say they’re not being themselves... You don’t know them… And last, you say “I’ll be waiting for the day when filters and photoshop no longer exist”, this will never happen, which is why I write this commentary, outlining how instagram users can cope if they are faced with the two problems of instagram.

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    I have seen bullying at every school i've been to and i don't think bullying even ends with age as well. The one thing that is the most dangerous about bullying though is the aftermath to the person getting bullied. Some people take getting bullied harder than others and it can be very dangerous. People are known to become very depressed from getting bullied. Depression is an awful illness that a lot of people get, but it can be very dangerous if not treated. I think that people who get bullied should try to talk about it with a family member or close friend because it can help a lot with depression. If they get very depressed, they should go see a psychiatrist to get medical help. Bullying is awful and the fact that people continue to bully others no matter what ages is terrible.
    The fact that someone bullies somebody else is because of self confidence and and self defence is not always the case. They could be suffering from a mental disorder making them become bullies. Someone with narcissistic personality disorder might intimidate people and make himself seem better as bullying but it could be just because of his illness. By bullying it might make him feel better and thus lead to his disorder.

    So not only can bullying begin because of a disorder, but it can lead to a disorder as well. This is extremely important because the topic of mental health is growing and people need to know more about it.

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    Hi not to be mean or anything, it looks like this person is having a personality disorder that fits the DSM IV criteria in the mental health book. These women can feel that way because they are being criticized by others and are very paranoid about themselves. Some os these women may fit the DSM criteria and you can check with the link that i put below. Everyone is capable of having a mental disorder its the quiet and normal people you have to watch out for because it is harder to notice or to diagnose it. The faster you catch the mental health disorder the easier it is to cure from treatments in the early stages. If you have signs and fits the criteria down below i suggest that you talk to your doctor who may give you information of a mental health doctor or organization that can help. Talk to your doctor.

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    I agree with you that labeling a person can very much hurt them to the point of were they will be suicidal this must be stopped and instead people who are labeling should be forced to take an hour of there time to help that person in need of help. The government should take action by applying laws that put stigma away from workplaces and schools we're people with mental issues will have lots of issues. If people weren't such assholes in this world it would be a better place but sometimes you learn the hard way, what goes around come around, it may be just a saying but it will happen eventually.