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  • Reply to: Disney: Where dreams get broken?   5 years 9 months ago

    I am outraged by this comment, and if I understand well, it is the young girl who told Samara she could not dress up. I think the mother should of explain her right away why this comment is so bad. Children are not color blind, but they are very naive and do not understand the world they are in, in a sort of way. What I mean by this, is that the young girl probably did not know what she was saying. I think it is the fault of the mother, who did not explain to her; she does not have to get mad, but maybe just apologize to the young girl, and then explain it to her. For Samara, it is very sad, and I hope now she is better and her mom explained to her what was happening...even if it really sad that she had to live this. However, children are children, and sometimes it is not meant to be mean, they just do not know. Also, I do not think that it is the fault of Disney; they do not really have something to do with this. But your comment was really good and interesting!

  • Reply to: Think Before You Speak   5 years 9 months ago

    The topic of the article you chose is what I think to be one of the most prominent forms of racism today. Like yourself I haven’t really faced the abuse of white privilege since I am white. Learning more about white privilege it really makes me think about all the things I did and got because I’m white. There is probably plenty of things that I did not deserve but got anyway. I do agree very much with the author when she says races do not exist and that racism and white privileges still exist because whites never were put in a situation of discrimination towards then. As Curnoe says in his article, races simply do not exist. Skin colour differs from the amount of skin exposure they have. So to discriminate another person due to their darker skin colour does not make sense. Also our first ancestor are all from Africa and they all have darker skin. Which means we are discriminating our original skin tone. I think Nancy Lee Grahn was extremely wrong for the tweets that see put out. I think things should be done for people who discriminate in public. It is not right and it should not be allowed in any circumstances. I do think social media is helping a lot on eliminating racism from our world and I think we are moving on the right path.

  • Reply to: “What the hell is going on in this planet?”   5 years 10 months ago

    You stilled my words of my mouth in what world do we live in today. Their is a big conflicts with terrorist hat need to be solve to , many human died over this war either that their innocent or not. No humans should be killed for their belief, everyone should be able to have their opinion, and live their full life. Humanity should be fighting over important thing such as medicine to save humans and their health problems, A world were we as human in different country shouldn't spend extreme amount of money to protect their own people. A world where humans live in peace because we are all the same under ours skin. we are all made of Bones a blood.

  • Reply to: Freedom of Religion   5 years 10 months ago

    I totally agree with Henley’s above comment there is no one on this planet have the right to judge someone belief. Before judging someone opinion or choice, shouldn't human try to understand why they do those unique choice.

  • Reply to: Abortion for all   5 years 10 months ago

    This is a pretty touchy subject because there are so many different views about it. Women AND men should make the decision about having an abortion. We tend to leave men out of this issue but they a part of it as much as women (except for non present fathers or rapers). Of course the women goes through the process of the nine month cycle, but the man is the father as much as she is the mother. I think it is wrong to say that “most humanists believe that religion should not have a place in modern society”. I am an atheist but I think we can have religion but not mix it with medicine or politics. Finally I totally agree that we should have sexual education in school because too many young people are unaware of what to do with sex in their lives.

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    Obviously the choice of dying by euthanasia should be given to the patient and no one else. However if that person was in a coma and there was a tiny little chance that they would survive again, I think we wouldn't have the right to press game over on his life. But I totally agree with the fact that Church should not be mixed with medicine, because we have evolved enough to be able to separate those two aspects of our life.

  • Reply to: Should we accept the 25 000 refugees in Canada ?   5 years 10 months ago

    I totally agree with the fact that humanist will never 25 000 refugees die in war or that human beings must do whatever is in their power to help these people. But what if it becomes like some spy shit. In other words what if this is all a set up, what if some of those refugees were coming here instead to create another war. Did you ask yourself how come that bomb in France came to pass without any body leaking an information to the police. I think that some of those refugees are spies and they will here and do the same thing that has happened in France. So a better way to help them will be to send them off into an unknown island and provide with them with food and water until the war in their countries stops. If not chaos is coming and it is not coming small, it is coming 25 000 times bigger. Beware of who you are helping.

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    That is one hell of a religion to follow, but everyone has the right to believe in what they want to believe. She had every right to contact the AHA, who are we to judge? (Even if the religion is extremely unique).

  • Reply to: What About Ice Cream Headache?   5 years 10 months ago

    Now here is an article that i can get behind! The information provided and the links between brain freeze and migraine is quite interesting. Now the question still remains though; how do we avoid these painful experiences and are we forever doomed to the bain freeze?

  • Reply to: Should we accept the 25 000 refugees in Canada ?   5 years 10 months ago

    I completely agree to the fact that saving 25 000 people is the most moral, humanistic thing to do. I believe that not because you believe in a certain religion that you are a terrorist. Extremists, in this case, are terrorists. It is not because you are a Muslim that you instantly agree with these extremists.Have you ever thought about the fact that Muslims are always referred to ISIS, but Christians aren't referred to the KKK? However, no one sees a Christian and gets scared because they associate them to the KKK. I still believe we should be careful and take full precautions about who we decide to bring in our country, to make sure no extremist from ISIS comes in.