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    I think your post is interesting because it gives a different perspective on what helping people with specialized need is all about. I know that there are two other blog posts about physical activity linked with people with special needs. To get more involved and to continue helping the way you are doing so, it is important to understand the principle of effective altruism, which is that every life has value according to Peter Singer. The fact that you think that they value as much to you as any human in the world makes your job even more significant because these people have brains, as you said, and they feel it when you treat them just like any other human being. Giving of your time to these people is important if you want to reduce them being depressed by letting them living on their own and alone, it is crucial that they feel that it is possible to make friendships, regardless of your differences. As a person who has worked with people in special needs also since I did the volunteer project with the REACH elementary school with the Défi Pierre Lavoie, I think that what is the most important is how much attention that you give them and the time that you spend with them in order to form a certain relationship and to bond with them. This time is precious, it makes a difference in their lives, tt makes them feel more accepted in a group of people, and like you said, people with special needs are just like us, but they just do certain tasks in a different way.
    Follow the link below to watch Peter Singer’s video “the why and how of effective altruism”. :

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    I think that your post is absolutely inspiring because I think you are right: children with diseases and handicaps are just like us, but they just express themselves in a different way. You should continue to raise awareness about physical activities and especially for people in special needs in order to provide more people in the making and to promote this good idea around other students that may be interested in doing the same thing as you. What I admire from this post, is that you have combined your love for sports with your love for communication into one activity: this way is a more efficient way to reach more people because you reach the ones who are interested whether in sports or in communications, just like Robert Gupta has mentioned in his Ted talk where he combines his two loves for medicine and music and raises awareness with a good cause. As a suggestion, what can be done to improve the work that you have accomplished is that you should organize more activities like that for people in special needs, and even make these people reach some sort of possible goal so that they stay motivated in doing physical activities. If keep continuing to reach that goal, they will be even more prepared and proud of themselves when they are at events like the Défi Sportif. Always incorporate music and friendship inside these activities, and this will incite them to move.
    Follow the link below to watch the Robert Gupta’s Ted Talk about his passion for medicine and music:

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    I like how you introduce your text by saying that the control of mass media “raises a question of illusion of free choice”. Your content covers a great topic with thoughtful arguments. Since journalism is supposed to benefit “the greater people for the greater good”, it is supposed to grant all kinds of opinions from journalists. These big corporations control the news and retrieve the relevant and the irrelevant in their news so that they have more customers. The fact that you mention that big corporations control whatever the journalists want to write in the news relates to my current project. I am volunteering in an organization called Justice Femme, where they help Muslim women, who are often attacked by the media, to overcome this critical phase Muslim are going through at the moment. Islamophobia is all over the press at the moment because this is what these corporations that you have mentioned earlier have on their agenda. If you are interested to contribute to the organization Justice Femme, follow this link for more information. :

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    Your text shows a deeper understanding of the mass media and advertisement of racism. Racism in mass media all started with the black community that was often stereotyped as “male gangsters” or “drug dealers” according to this page put up by Yale University.
    Due to all this bad press coverage, they went through all kinds of rejections and threats from their society. They battled this rejection until they were free from racism. African-Americans were often subject to racism and if we relate with today’s news, Muslims are now the main subject of racism in the mass media. They are very often interrelated with “terrorism” and now, normal Muslims citizens are affected of this generalization. This subject relates to my final project, which talks about how Muslim women are rejected from society because of their hijab. They are attacked on the streets and are being bullied for being who they are. They are going through the same path as the African-Americans went through a few years earlier and they are now defending themselves as most as possible. My final project consists of volunteering with Justice Femme, an organization that helps these women to be integrated in our society despite the constant hate the mass media does to them. If you are interested to contribute to this organization, here’s a link with more information about this group. :

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    I agree with you. Raif Badawi is a journalist that expressed his opinion on certain matters and he has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes by the Saudian government. I think that if a person believes in another ideology that is not similar to the government’s opinion, I think he should have the freedom to speak up his opinion without any form of violence as a punishment because this behavior is against human rights.
    An organization that takes this case extremely at heart is Amnesty International. They are known to support human rights all over the world by promote human rights. At the moment, they are promoting their campaign “Stop Torture”, which is related to Badawi’s case.
    For more information about this organization, here’s the direct link.

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    I completely agree with you. Wildlife trafficking should be forbidden because it destroys the biodiversity and extinguishes rare species like tigers, elephants, rhinoceros and more. I know that elephant defenses are also often used by other nations such as China and most recently in Kenya, where they burnt fifteen tons of ivory as a symbol that they would stop killing elephants for their ivory as shown in this article.
    An organization that works on that matter and that is very preoccupied by Wildlife Trafficking is the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) which is an organization that works on problems such as the conservation of wildlife and the redevelopment of the environment. They work along if the organization that you have mentioned, TRAFFIC, to cease Illegal wildlife trade.
    If you want any more information, here is the direct link to the organization.

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    I absolutely agree with you. I think it is wrong to poke fun about homeless people because, as you said, these people might have a heavy story, whether it is with drugs or mental illness. They probably have never had any help whatsoever to counter their problem, and instead of writing an unnecessary article, it would have been important to act out and help them.
    One of the organizations that are available in Montreal for homeless people is Old Brewery Mission, where they work with homeless people, providing them with Emergency services with giving basic necessities such as food and clothing. They have a program for people with mental illness in order to reintegrate them back into society.
    Here is the direct link to the organization.

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    I think your post has been written effectively so that people would be aware of the injustice more theoretically and factually. It is a great way to show your reader how your issue is a matter of logic, which convinces your reader fully about your opinion and your point of view.
    The link above explains how women are discriminated in their pay checks depending on what job they have. If they are health technicians, they are more paid than their male counterparts but if they are insurance sales agents, they are less paid then men. Also, another statistic has come out saying that the pay gap is the most shown in well paid jobs. For example, it is mentioned that the approximate weekly pay where “the biggest gap between men's and women's wages is $1,087, while in jobs where the gap is smallest, the average weekly pay is $773.” But still, it is mentioned that 15% of the pay gap is due to discrimination.
    Overall, I think that feminists need to continue to fight for their rights. Even after all these years of protests, there is still some discrimination. Women have been fighting for their equal rights because they have overcome the same education as men did. It would infringe human rights to prioritize a person because of her gender, when they both have had the same path to lead to the same result. More women have been graduating from universities and heading for jobs and as women, we should continue to persevere to become stronger and have all our full rights in the society.

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    The subject you have chosen to write about touches the modern society that we live in and I think it is an interesting matter to talk about. In the past ten years, the music industry has been suffering with its economy because of illegal downloading.
    This article above explains how a hacker has cost 240 million euros of illegal downloading, and how a musician’s career depends on people who pirate: “Piracy – particularly pre-release – can make or break an artist’s career, and can determine whether a record label is able to invest in that crucial second or third album.” By pure respect and right, it is important to pay a musician, for he has put so much effort into the creation and deserves a reward for his passion and hard work.
    As a musician myself, I know how hard it is for us to make our work valued. As I personally do not download illegal music even if it is definitely accessible, I support someone’s right to be paid because he is doing a job he loves. It is important to give every human equal right to be paid for whatever job he is doing. And most importantly, to encourage people to stay in the business and do what they love without fear of failing.