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  • Reply to: Owner of Miami Dolphins Takes a Stand Against Racism   5 years 4 months ago

    First of all, I am writing here because the sports industry is something that interests me very much. I also agree with the idea that the coach is doing very good work with the sports community, and it is important that this is recognized. Racism does sadly occur even within sports, and it is something that should not have its place at all. Although this occurred in the past, it is never too late to take a stand. One person can indeed make a difference and have a voice that may inspire others. Furthermore, as seen in class, it can also have an impact on children. Children tend to watch sports at a very young age with their families, for example, and the media tends to be very influential on children. Although children are not seen as being colourblind according to Erin Winkler, they interpret what they see they way they see it. Therefore, it is also important to realize how beneficial this action is for children, since it can also help show them how important it is to stand up for themselves in live and to be heard rather than to fade into the silence. To conclude, this article was very powerful, and this man is very inspirational, and he will be hopefully one of many to fight for change.

  • Reply to: tom ford advertisement   5 years 5 months ago

    This comment is to add to your conclusion that the advertisement is hypersexualising women and is making negative impacts on women in society. To add to this article, I would like to ask if there are any colored women I these adds? If not this means there is an even bigger negative impact on society in general it isn't only regressing women in society but also it becomes in some sort racist. As we saw in class women of color have a bigger task in trying to get accepted in big fashion companies. This is all because of the beauty standards set y the companies and by the population. What we like to see and we don't like to see. As said in one documentary watched in class Fashion companies like having lets say Black women in their company but they need to be a white women dipped in Chocolate. This means that they want a black colored skin women but with white women traits such as thin nose blablabla... These two problems must be fixed by society with drastic measures. We need to start changing our ways of thinking and try to help out women in the fashion industry by saying you don't need to always be half naked to be attractive and you don't need to to be white to be a successful model. Many beauty standards are set such as being very petite but we are seing that fashion companies are trying to move onto something new because the population is starting to see their own beauty, the beauty in the natural body of a women.

  • Reply to: Masculinity through real eyes   5 years 5 months ago

    First of all, I am commenting here because I watched a Ted Talk in my Myth of Race and The Reality of Racism class with a similar topic, which I found very interesting. I personally agree with your point of view, and it is important to realize how high the expectations are in men. However, from another point of view, it could also be interesting to incorporate races or racial categories into this equation. For example, when looking at the 'man box', it is indeed true that most men feel as though they are trapped in a box full of responsibilities and restraints at a very young age. If this were to be looked at with race, people from minority groups may tend to feel much more trapped than people from a majority group. When children grow up, they tend to suffer much pressure from their surroundings, in order to ensure they remain safe and smart. Then there comes the issue of minority groups, who suffer much more pressure due to the stereotypes they may face due to their culture. For example, a black child may be much more restricted in performing certain behaviours because they are seen as dangerous or as robbers, while mexicans or latinos will be seen as being involved in drugs, These are stereotypes that are sadly seen in today's society, and as we have seen in class, children are not colourblind, and can quickly pick up on these racial issues, which I do not believe is something we would like our children to face later on in life. To conclude, although racial stereotypes may still exist, the 'man box' is seen differently for men depending of their race, and this is something that could be changed, since all men are the same despite where they come from.

  • Reply to: Michael Jordan's youth   5 years 5 months ago

    I responded to this article because I love sports and always interested of learning the racist aspects inside sports. I am surprised of the information given on Michael Jordan's life and the racist side of him. Not because he was an awesome basketball player but also he is known around thee world because of his brand. He is a Multi-millionaire because of the Jordan brand, he is public figure to all sport and clothing fans. People buy because of his basketball fame and because of his marketing name. He is also proactive inside schools and sport teams, where he tells his life story of how he persevered to get where he is now. This man has accomplished so much and is probably one of the most known athletes out there. The fact that he confirmed being racist when he was a teenager doesn't show the right example to all his fans out there. Especially with todays media they always try to make the story more dramatical than it really is, so they wont explain why he was racist but just say that he was racist. It is very understandable why he was racist but he also generalized that all white people are racist, yes at that time their were a lot of racist white people but their was people white people who had their heart at the right place and would accept Blacks.
    These days there still is a lot of racism but people might not show it as much but still find ways to be racist. Racism is a part of life everywhere, blacks in our society have less advantages, they are looked at by the authorities differently. Michael might not of approached the situation he was thrown in the right way, he maybe should of thought about what happened to him and not generalize. But looking at it from his eyes it is very understandable that he got mad and was pushed to the limit, I am pretty sure he had previous events where racism was a part of and made this last event more drastic, he hit his limit point. Personally I am totally against any kind of racism, yes sometimes people slip and say something that might be racist without wanting to hurt anybody, we all need to be careful of what we say and do. Michael Jordan shares this story and it is very relevant to all where it can educate us to maybe not accept what happens to you but also not generalize what happened. We all have different views on "Race" and shouldn't be thrown into the same pot.

  • Reply to: You are a Native? Sorry, no apartment for you.   5 years 5 months ago

    Firstly, I am commenting here because the title was strongly appealing to me. It is also a very interesting topic, and it is important to realize that this is still an issue in today's society. It is very disturbing to see how a landlord or a janitor can be racist against a particular group. Racism has been present in the native community for quite some time, and we should definitely put an end to it. People who have the finances and that are able to afford an apartment should be allowed to rent one no strings attached. Being racist against other minority groups could lead to poverty in extreme cases, where people would have to live on the street because they would have no where else to go. The thought of this is excruciating, which is why things must definitely change for the better, and soon. People need to become more involved indeed, help further identify the problem, and welcome the minorities with open arms rather than with closed doors. Although it may be difficult to do at first, it is important to realize that there are many different races all around us, and that race or skin color does not in any way define a person or what they are.

  • Reply to: 1200 Faceless Women Dead, Zero Actions Taken - Who's to Blame?   5 years 7 months ago

    To begin, I am commenting on this article because I used the same topic, and found this article very interesting and similar to mine. This is a very saddening topic, and it is quite shocking that there was no action taken before this specific outburst from Mulcair that these types of things must stop. I also agree that this is a very large crisis, and clearly a very bright case of racism. This issue has been around for much longer than we believe, but it is very reassuring indeed to see how we are finally taking a step forward towards change. This will help families grieve, but it will also help support the idea that today, in 2015, we are a very open and multicultural society, and that we support all races. This debate being done during the political debate is a very important social issue, because it shows how we are not oblivious to racism, and how it still occurs in our society today. However, will change be made? Will we be able to stop these racist behaviours, and stop being blind to it or pretending that it is not around us? Hopefully someday this will end, because we miss so many opportunities in life by excluding people simply because they are different.

  • Reply to: Racially Divided after Surviving Hurricane Katrina- New Orleans and Perceptions of its Recovery   5 years 7 months ago

    I chose to answer to this article because I was wondering how can a natural disaster create racism within a population? The fact that the two "Races" in this article have both completelycompletely different opinions on how there life style is now is very bad. Yes, probably most of those who where in a location might of have already been poor which means that they have had a harder time with recuperating but there is no reason why the should be saying that they haven't improved. The city should of pushed to have mixed neighborhoods and create less of a racial disparity. Now both "Races" are completely separated which even worse because you just see the poor Black neighborhoods and The rich white neighborhoods. As spoken about in class, the blacks in general aren't poor because they are stupid but because of slavery and segregation they had less time and less of an opportunity to learn and get good jobs. Compared to whites who always had the opportunity to go to school and get good jobs. They community of New Orleans is very diverse, what I think is that the Blacks have a reason to not be happy about the process of rebuilding, and whites have a easy time with their money and the government helping them out more. You are right by saying that the article should be on the area of where the people live and not of their "Race".

  • Reply to: Example of assignment requiring the analysis of a social issue (part 1) and responses to peers (part 2) - Ethics   5 years 8 months ago

    Thank you for posting this! It really helps to see what other teachers are doing.

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    Thank you for posting this!

  • Reply to: The Cure to Educational Motivation   6 years 3 weeks ago

    Your post was short and concise which made for a good interesting read. Strong statistics were used to back up your statements. Virtue ethics is basing ethical behavior on the virtues held by the individual, for example honesty. How to judge morality can fluctuate between different cases. Intentions and benefits to the group or individual are taking into account. In this case, where we are seeing high school dropouts as a problem, morality would depend on the individual and taking consideration the benefits for them and society in this case. I believe that graduating would benefit the individual and society in the long run because they would be setting themselves up to be more successful.