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    Thank you for posting this! It really helps to see what other teachers are doing.

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    Thank you for posting this!

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    I have never particularly been exposed to the reality of big cats being endangered because of the different things people subject them to. It would have been nice if you could elaborate on what Richardson's ambitions are for current and future projects. But otherwise, I think that it is an interesting take on trying to publicize the realities of wildcat exploitation by using art. I, personally, have always been fascinated by art but I know that many people do not appreciate art as much now. I think that in this day and age, a lot of people have access to the internet and many people have at least one account on a social media forum, which would allow people to 'share' the art for the cause of raising awareness for the topic. But I often wonder if there are other creative ways to raise awareness about the exploitation of wildcats. Because, for myself, when looking at pictures on the internet, I tend to passively pay attention to what I see therefore it is easy for me to forget what I have seen unless it was a shocking image or story, or the way what was trying to be said was portrayed in a creative way. If an image was shocking to me, like the image in the following link, I would definitely remember it. I think that if there were different tactics being used at the same time to raise awareness about the exploitation, it would be successful. For example, there can be a carnival type of event where it can be a family event and the theme of the carnival would be to educate people about the cause. There can be games where it can teach children about the big cats, and what is being done o them. All the money that is raised from playing games can be used to help the cats that are in need.

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    I think you have risen many good points when it comes to the topic of physically/mentally individuals and physical activity. I think there is a lot of work to be done to have proper and consistent social support, and to try to alleviate and even remove the stigma against disabled individuals. They are the same as non-disabled individuals, they just have a different perspectives of the same situations and their perspectives are the still valid. I think that if physical activity is done in moderation, and done in an enjoyable environment like Defi Sportif, it really encourages everyone to partake in (and even organize) more activities! I think lack of knowledge about this cause is still needs to have a lot more awareness about it. I think a lot of people think that a mentally disabled individual's body works entirely different than from someone 'normal', but its that their bodies need a different type of care (as suggested in the following link

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    I think what you said in your post is very thought-provoking and gives (background) information on the death penalty. I personally do agree with you in the statement of killing the convicted criminal soon after the conviction. The state might as well get something over with as soon as possible rather than just waiting up to thirty or more years before killing someone. But the following link gives evidence that would say otherwise:
    It has been a huge debate on the frequency of how often the death penalty is being used in different countries, or even different cities of a single country (i.e.: different states f the U.S.). The lack of even death penalty enforcement, despite having the same policy in a single place, tends to be subjective. It has also been found that there have been convicted prisoners who have already been killed by the state but later to be proven innocent to through new (or newly looked over) evidence.

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    It is true that the topic of legalization of prostitution is not an easy debate to choose sides on. It is definitely a multi-faceted topic, in which may affect more people than we are aware of. I think you have brought up a good point that depending on how you look at prostitution, it may affect the end-opinion.
    I have to admit though, I think you may need to offer more background information to readers, especially if a reader is not as educated about the policies or laws about prostitution.
    The following are links to explicitly state the pros and cons of the legalization of prostitution and what the policies are in countries where prostitution is actually legal:

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    I think it is great that Canada has finally gotten the ball rolling in the conversation about medically assisted suicide. I was aware that the Supreme Court is in favour of assisted suicide, and I was extremely happy about this ruling, but I was not aware of any of the details of how the Supreme Court got to this ruling. I find that all the arguments that were used for the pros and cons of the subject very interesting and I had not particularly known about them before.
    I personally think that people should have the ability to make the decision of if they want to do die. It is a great step forward for Canada in the rights of people in compromised health. But I must agree with about policies. There has to be very strict policies about implementing medically assisted suicide. I think that medical professionals and people interested in medically assisted suicide must be fully informed about all legal and medical details about what it is.

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    I find it quite interesting, in fact, that there is such a longitudinal study that has been conducted about stress. To me, it is even more fascinating that the findings of the study have correlated that stress is not necessarily the health risk but it is the individual's perspective of what stress that can cause serious health issues.
    Personally, whenever I get stressed, I have sleep deprivation, I subconsciously grind my teeth together, and other such negative health hazards. I know that there are not many resources from schools or workplaces to obtain coping skills or mechanisms on how to handle stress. But the world of the internet can be quite vast in information, and if you look in the right places, you can find what you need to cope with stress. Such as the following site that gives tips on stress management:
    This is a great post, opens up a better understanding of stress.

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    I believe that your analysis of this issue was spot on. I do agree that hockey is an emotional sport, and many of the fans are bound to get emotional as well, but racism has no place in hockey. Fantastic players have originated from all places and races of the world. There is no race in hockey that is superior that another and therefore race should not be used as a weapon to emotionally injure a player who has excelled.Subban once told a reporter that “As far as I’m concerned, I’m looked at as a hockey player. If people want to be ignorant and want to look at me as something else then they can. I’m a hockey player. I’ve played hockey all my life. It’s a sport that I love and I’m not worried about anything like that” (Article Below). This incident was an example of people made uneasy by being beaten and tried to reassert their dominance by putting Subban down using one of the only weapons they had left in their arsenal. This not only resulted in those involved to look foolish but also showed how some people react when their dominance is threatened. Subjects as delicate as race should not be used against players of any sport because their race does not help or hinder them in any way and therefore has no relevance in the world of sports.


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    Your article exposes some issues that are worthy of being heard by everyone and I salute you for your action.
    I want to clarify that the aboriginal woman fall into this term called intersectionality which is a phenomena that victimizes a person from a few oppressed and discriminated social groups. These differences can overlap and the result can be a multiple times greater than only one difference. For the aboriginal women, they are part of the aboriginal community that is constantly overlooked by our government and come with many bad stereotypes, and they are also females, that still aren`t equal to men when it comes to salary and other aspects of our day to day lives.
    What is sad about this story is that it took a large number of missing women before a person realized that this is currently an issue and now some organizations have been interested by it. Maybe one day we will find a solution to this conflict.