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  • Reply to: Education for All   3 years 11 months ago

    This is a very good post ! The thing that caught my attention was the title of the post "Education for all". This post made me think about the fact that education is a thing that most people take for granted because it is accessible for them. However, it is true that disabled people do not have equal access to education. It was very interesting to learn that education has a great impact on disabled people's health and their autonomy. Overall, this made me think about a concept that we learned in class: "White privilege". When you said " they will be put at an extreme disadvantage in society making their success and quality of life difficult to accomplish", it made me think about the fact that minorities are put in disadvantage in society as well. Because of their "race" the education system may be not treating them equally, which has a negative effect of their chances to succeed. Also, when you stated that " they are given lower standards" and "fall significantly behind their peers", is similar in many ways to the fact that racial minorities are given these stereotypes that they "can do less", when in reality they are not given the same opportunities. That is why I thought your post made me think of the concept of White privilege. Very good post !

  • Reply to: Binge drinking in and out of college   3 years 11 months ago

    What drew me to the blog about the article was the title. I found it interesting because binge drinking is something that people in my age group do, so to have a study done on testing it, seems quite intriguing. I completely agreed with the article as it says that people around the age of eighteen to twenty-two years old usually binge drink, no no one ever suspects anything other than that teenagers drink. I believe that the blog had some good key points about the article and helped explain the study that was provided in the article. I personally think that this topic relates to implicit and explicit racism and the stereotypes faced with that. In class we discussed the topic of implicit racism which means that a person does not necessarily know that they are being racist. Just like in the text, many adults just assume that teenagers binge drink because they are teenagers. They don’t necessarily take into account that other factors may come into play such as: peer behaviour. Explicit racism is when people are flat out racist and don’t care what other people think or say. For example: in the blog about the summary, the author mentioned that teenagers around the age of eighteen to twenty-two years old who are in school binge drink the same amount as others who aren’t in school full time. A lot of adults flat out blame that if they aren’t in school, they have more time to drink and the study in the article proved that to be wrong; which I found extremely fascinating.

  • Reply to: Empowerment of Black Lives Matter: Race, Crime and Employment   3 years 11 months ago

    I was truly interested in reading this post, the tittle made me think of another article i read recently for my Anthropology class,"The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism". The article was about the "Blacklivesmatter" movement as well, the article name is “Reclaiming the White Coat for Black lives” by authors: Amy Garvey, Denzel Woode and Charlotte S. Austin. It discussed Medial systems and how they are still discriminating people of color. It is a sad reality that not only minority groups are being discriminated everyday for various reasons, even in medical systems they are still the inferior group and are being treated differently. When i started to read your post, it made me want to read the article that you reflected on and it was sad to read that because people of color who live in poor neighborhood's have a harder time finding employment or success. I totally agree with you that this shouldn't be the case. Today's society has developed an attitude towards this general subject of "Race and Racism" and that it is normal for minority groups to be less successful or inferior to white people. Most people are not well informed on this subject and it should be discussed more and we should teach our future children about Race and Racism and how it is an issue that we need to address and be aware of. Overall, i really enjoyed your post it really got me thinking!

  • Reply to: (UN)skilled Police officers   3 years 11 months ago

    This was an interesting post, to say the least. I'm particularly interested in topics concerning police work, especially given recent events in the states, so I decided to give your article a quick read. I was unaware of the fact that the U.N. was implementing police forces into other countries, which is nice because learning new things is always welcome. I can also certainly agree with the notion that police officers lack sufficient training, as we have witnessed several occurances of officers violating human rights in an attempt to "do what is right", and that just speaks volumes about just how knowledgeable they are about their jobs, or perhaps how much the officers respect the rules. On a racial standpoint, I theorize that there is perhaps also a lack of training at how to approach and "deal" with people of different races, as often times accidents and incidents happen due to racist or prejudiced misconceptions of an otherwise perfectly normal human being. It'd be an interesting subject to observe; how officers are taught to maybe put aside implicit or explicit racial biases in order to appropriately do their jobs.
    I digress. This was a thought provoking post, although some concepts discussed within it were a little confusing and would need some elaborating, despite being a very good analysis/summary.
    Great work.

  • Reply to: Colin Kaepernick: Kneeling for a Cause?   4 years 1 week ago

    I've heard quite a bit about police officers killing unarmed black men, and I have mixed feelings about it, which is probably why I stopped to read this post. I feel like it's a pretty sad reality we live in, if the people we are supposed to look to for protection, are the ones we need to be protected from. The way some of these officers react, especially to our citizens of minority status, really is an example of how people have a preconceived perception of how people are, based on race. These people will either act with fear, or with aggression, at the prospect of armed (or unarmed) black people, and that's really just a sad mindset to be in. On the other hand, I do believe that some of the claims to racism are exaggerated, and perhaps it is just coincidence at times, that a white officer must deal with a black criminal, and we're not getting all the facts. Who can we trust to give us the fact, really? I think the measures being taken to ensure that cops are doing their jobs need to be reevaluated, and things such as body cameras are only a step in the right direction to AT LEAST monitor and moderate police behavior, and give us some facts during an altercation. In any case, I really enjoyed reading this, and you did a supreme job at getting me genuinely interested in reading the article you found. Thank you.

  • Reply to: Sexually Harassed Waiters/Waitresses   4 years 1 week ago

    I was drawn to this post by its title because it made me realize how people like waiters and waitresses are constantly harassed and not everyone does or say anything about it. I found it very interesting to learn that 66% of waitresses are sexually harassed and asked to dress provocatively in order to get more tips and that ever the employer encourages this kind of negative behavior instead of protecting his/hers employees. I think that men and especially women should not be put under such pressure. It is really disturbing that someone has to wear inappropriate clothes at a workplace. In the addition this, when you said " women’s bosses tell them to wear provocative clothes in order to get bigger tips", it makes me think of the concept of race. We could compare the boss to society and the waitresses as a minority group and the waiters as "white" people, which is the privileged group. Obviously, women are more affected by the orders of the boss than men are just as a minority group is more affected by the concept of race than white people are. In conclusion, I think that everyone should be respected at their workplace no matter their gender, race, etc.

  • Reply to: Ice Cream and Crime   4 years 2 weeks ago

    This topic was very interesting for me on a more personal level. I was intrigued to the original post because the two concepts chosen; Crime rates and Ice Cream are completely two separate topics. Relating the two seem almost impossible to do. My reaction to this post was like anyone else’s I’m sure; confused at the beginning but once ice cream was shown how it connected to crimes and violence rates increasing, it was completely understandable. My reaction to the ending was normal as I completely agree with your statement about whether or not we should have gender neutral washrooms. This comment reminded me of another social inequality. In my class, the topic of slavery came up and somehow I made a connection between the two. Both slaves and LGBT’s both have the same issue going for them. Slaves were separated from the white people who were the minority, and LGBT’s are separated based on their genders. People who were chosen as slaves stood out seeing that they were more often than not a different pigmentation colour. Just like the LGBT’s do since society says it’s okay to do so. Once again we still prove to be focused on dividing and separating people based on their physical appearances. Slaves were treated unfairly then just like LGBT’s are treated unfairly now in our communities.

  • Reply to: Women get a fighting chance   4 years 2 weeks ago

    This post made me think of an issue I hadn’t considered before, just by reading your tittle I was already engaged and wanted to learn more. I did not have a complete understanding of the subject before reading this article. I didn’t know that women were banned to battle in the military. I do agree with you that both women and men should have an equal chance to participate in the military. Gender as we know it has separated us in many activities or events, such as sports. We are build differently but, women are categorized as being weak and unable to achieve the same things as men. In relation to my Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism class, gender can also correlate with race and racism. For instance, men are often viewed as stronger and superior to women; in comparison to slavery and that people of color are slaves because they are known to be “inferior” or different from Caucasians. In the end, it all comes down to equality and that everyone should have equal rights no matter what gender or race you are. Over all I really liked your article, it was well done!

  • Reply to: Races for Dummies   4 years 1 month ago

    i really appreciated that you took the time to comment on my article. It is a shame that our society still assumes a lot and especially just by looking at someone. Thank you for your comment it was nice to read that you enjoyed my writing and i hope other people take a step back and realize what they are doing by always assuming things.

  • Reply to: Actual Law for Actual Life   5 years 2 weeks ago

    I find it very interesting how you claim that the law makes the public aware just enough to not rebel in any shape or form. In a way this is true but we as people don’t repress the thoughts of what could happen if we defy the law, we are well aware of the consequences that can happen if we commit any crime. Can the law truly be an invisible force? or do we make it one in order to not feel controlled by a higher authority? I agree with the idea that we as people do not have regular encounters with the citizens who work to keep the law controlled and present. But that’s because, we oblige by these rules subconsciously. Ethical Rationalism is a form of Deontology theory in which, “moral truths are knowable a prior, by reason alone.” ( As humans, we are born with a common sense of what is right and wrong. Ultimately the law is based on these senses and written clearly for everyone to act upon to keep society functioning well and safely. Reason is what makes us different from the other species and it allows us to work freely with no limitations to our knowledge. Having reason, gives us the moral obligation to oblige by the law that is a social construct and this comes naturally.

    - PinkTurtle