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    In this case, Spain is obstructing the freedom of the Catalonian people, which defines civil right on a basic level, so it is clear to me who is to blame here.

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    I believe that if weed would be legal and controlled by the state they would make it cleaner and less available to criminals who lace their marijuana with the stuff that make people sick, criminals are always going to find illegal substances so the best we can do is take their business away from them

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    Great article! But I think that freedom of speech should be given to everyone and shoudn't be denied to those who only share different opinion.

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    I think that for identification purposes they should always remove their niqab, but on the plane, they should be able to keep it on until landing. It would be disrespectful to force them to remove it during the whole flight. However, I think that another aspect of the issue is related to the fact that some people need to see the ones around them. I know that there is some people that do not feel secure when they can't see the face of their seat neighbor. I already experience a situation where somebody stopped me in the metro and asked me to remove my scarf so that he could see my face.
    Do you think that this Bill has to do with our culture and our need to identify the people around us?

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    I agree with you. I don't think that people should be refused things just because they have a religious symbol on their body. It's important that everyone has the option of expressing their religious beliefs. Wearing your religious gear isn't hurting anybody. If ever needed, it should be allowed to ask for an identity check and removal of the religious garment for a minute, but they should be allowed to take public transport even if they're wearing it. If ever thought to be in danger, they should have to remove their symbol, but they shouldn't be refused public aid because of it. Even though I'm not affected by the bill, I still have a strong opinion on the issue, because I know people who are affected by it.

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    I agree how we shouldn't compare gun control in Canada and the US. We are our own country, and we don't need to be relying on another country's statistics to fix our own problems. Gun control should be used in Canada, and it should be monitored. Criminals shouldn't have access, as well as mentally unstable people to stop future possible attacks that could happen if both parties were issued guns. It should also be extremely limited, meaning people can't just walk into a store and buy a gun on the spot. I believe that if people as if they need a gun, they should be allowed to access one, but would need to be deemed fit to have one.