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    Analysis on Early Modern Medical History based on multiple articles and an 18th century book

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    Hi Jonathan,

    While not an ethics course, this makes for a fine possibility for collaboration.

    You might ask your students to comment on a post from my class and in the comment demonstrate an understanding of a theme you cover in your ethics class.

    Each of your students can then apply course content in the form of  a comment associated with the contemporary issue a student in my classs wrote about, and my student can benefit from seeing an ethical angle to their post/issue of which they otherwise might not have been aware. 

    Since my stduents are generally tasked with writing about contemporary issues that they believe indicate a part of the world that should be improved/changed, without elaborating their normative ethical positions, your students could be tasked with challenging and/or exposing such implicit positions.

    Thanks for getting in touch!


  • Reply to: Trump and Modern Racism   3 years 12 months ago

    Hello Yisel,

    I agree with your point regarding Trump's racist comments towards ethnic groups, especially the Hispanics. I like that you chose to discuss about him because it is the perfect example of modern racism. However, I think you could have deepen your arguments by explaining why he could get away by making racist comments during his presidential candidacy. First of all, Trump evidently has much more privilege than many people. He has a lot of money, he is white and he is a male. Unfortunately, in today's society, that is what defines a privileged person.
    However, what makes many fellow americans follow his offensive words?
    Mr. Trump is categorized in the Patriarchal World View. He is a wealthy man therefore he has control over his wealth and now he wishes to become President which will (if he wins) give him political power. What defines a man in today’s society are characterics that are in the “Man Box”: Strong, tough, intimidating, respected, wealthy, playboy and many more. Those attributes are what men in our society wish to achieve/possess. If they do not follow the Patriarchal world view, they are humiliated by society with offensive insults that downgrade their masculinity.

    Here is an interesting Ted Talks video that I find interesting and I hope you enjoy as well:

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    I love your article. I always thought this was an issue that should be addressed and you have done it very well. It is interesting how you told an anecdote about Zoey Roy because it illustrates how people downgrade racist and offensive Halloween costumes. I like how you added your personal thought because I could relate to it. I too did not realize of how offensive the costume was. I also applaud you for integrating course related information into your article.
    However, to further your thoughts, I think it would have been efficient to develop your arguments regarding racism. Discussing the controversial word, Privilege, would be appropriate. Why is the costume inappropriate? Because the Native American costume is a method that is used to mock their culture. Those who are disguised as Native Americans would most likely be people who has more privilege than Native Americans because of Intersectionality. Intersectionality is what makes a person less privileged than an other individual. For example, a straight White man is more privileged than a lesbian Latina woman.
    Besides that, I truly enjoyed your article :)
    Here is a link I find interesting for your article, I hope it is helpful:

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    I'm concerned that October and November will not be a good fit for my students to do work giving feedback to yours, Jean-Michel. However, it may work into our essay writing section. If Eric fits well with your timeline, I will have my students participate in feedback in October/November, if it turns out to be a good fit. I will check back in as the semester unfolds!



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    I'm a Humanities teacher (and incidentally, the founder of this site) teaching a critical thinking course this fall and my students could be a good fit for part 2.

    They will be first semester, first year CEGEP students at Champlain and it will be likely the first time the majority of these Champlain Saint-Lambert students are studying in English, although they aren't an ESL group, as such.

    My students could be asked to participate on step two,  providing feebdack to your class's midterm essays, commenting on any critical thinking strengths or weaknesses they discover, but also engaging with your students content. This will likely get your students excited about the work they are developing, as they will be writing for a guaranteed audience.

    I'm not sure step 1 will fit with my class, however, I'm going to introduce you to some experienced teachers at the site whom I think will fit well with your goals soon!

    Thanks for posting! Looking forward to collaborating!



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    Hi Gabe,

    My students are being asked to write 2 posts on gender (one analyzing a sexist ad, another critically reviewing an article that deals with masculinity in some way). They will also be asked to do 2 comments. The instructions have already been distributed, so I can't tell them specifically to comment on work done by your students, but I can strongly encourage it. Comment dates are February 19 and April 8. The class is a World Views at Marianopolis and there are 2 sections.

    Sarah Waurechen

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    Hi! Interesting post, but there seems to be an issue with the hyperlink. Hopefully this one will help your readers find the images they're looking for:

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    It's great to see such a detailed discussion of methodology! Trying to figure out how to collect and analyze information is an incredibly important task when analyzing these issues.

    To me, however, the comment made by ProvocativeTrash, also raises questions about the style of argumentation. It reminds me of the debates we're having about vaccines, in that both sides are now so passionate that people are talking past one another. Are some styles of debate more productive than others? And how do we move forward, when people disagree so passionately?

    Great conversation so far! I look forward to reading more.

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    Greetings to anyone waiting for the first posts from my students. This is just a warning that my school had an unexpected closure, so 2 of my 3 sections are delayed in their posts by just a few days. It's all still coming, but there will be a slight time-lag! Looking forward to the great conversations,