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    Thank you watching my essay.

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    Thank you for writing interesting essay. I enjoyed reading it. Of course I know him, because I like to watch figure skating. I think that it is the most beautiful sports. I want to meet him because he is so hansom and he is so kind of other people. I like his performance very much. He has the power to draw people into his performance. It is his great point. I have seen him playing performance with Mao Asada in entertainment. A pair of men and women is very sexy. I like pair performance more than his personal performance. If you see the opportunity, please see it

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    I really enjoyed reading your essay. i really like Ghibli from I were child, so your essay was very interesting. And I was surprised at the year of Studio Ghibli established. I thought it has a long history, but very young studio. I did not care what is the message they want to tell us through their movie, but after reading your essay, I want to know the meaning their movie has. Thanks to your essay, I can enjoy Ghibli's movie more and more.

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    Your essay was interesting for me. I like figure skate, so of course I know Yuzuru Hanyu. I think he is really genius figure skater. Especially, I think quadruple jump is great. I cannot jump even one spin. I often see him on TV, and I think his performance is so fantastic. Maybe, I think Yuzuru Hanyu makes an effort everyday and praactice hard training. I want to be stronger both of physical and mental like him. I could change my mind, because of your essay. Thank you.

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    Hello, Ms. Tachibana. I'm Muscle Konishi. Your essay was great to read for me. I'm also respect Hayao Miyazaki, because he is always saying "Bothersome making the movie". However, he made a lot of great animation movies in his life. His animation has his passion and fantasy world feeling. My favorite his movie is "Kaze Tatinu", because it was expressed the Horikoshi's real life. I was surprised his real and details illustrating. Many people has some respect on him, I think.Thank you.

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    I know Hayao Miyazaki and I think that he is very famous man. Also, he made very interesting Ghibli works. Especially, I like Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away). When I was a child, I often watched the movie because it is very interesting story. In addition, he cherished his own perspective, so I think that he became a famous man around the world, too. I respect him because he keeps making works without giving up and he makes his effort day by day. Then, I thought that keeping my effort is important for me. I hope that I will see him some time.

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    I know Kohei Uchimura. He is very famous player around the world. He makes his effort every day, so I respect him. Many people will usually keep their efforts during two or three days. However, it is difficult to keep efforts every day. Also, he takes only one meal a day, so I was very surprised. He manages his body day by day. I thought that it is not easy to keep a health. In addition, I thought that his character is great, so I think that he is loved by many people around the world. I hope that I will see him some time.

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    Hello, Tomoyuki! I'm Muscle Konishi! Your essay was so easy to read, which means your essay was great. I know about you are the person who didn't give up, so I suggest about your respectable person will be strong person. It was right. You chose Mr. Matui. He was the monster person who played the baseball. He already retired playing baseball in major league, but he did a lot of achievements in his baseball life. You have strong interests in his mind. You might become a strong person in the future likes him!
    Thank you.

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    I only know Nobuaki Kaneko. I knew him in Japanese doramas and movies. However, I did not know he play music and belong with a band. Therefore, he has two talents. Kenken is interesting name. Is it a real name? Musicians have various interesting name.

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    Your essay was very interesting for me. Most of classmate chose sports player, musician and so on as a cool JapaneseI, but you choose writter, soI think you have unique thinking. I like books and I often read books, but I heard Tomihiko Morimi for the first time. I want to read written by him, because of your explanation. You said that his criative ability is good, so many people was attract his book. I think his affection is big, so many people who read books written by him accept it if he say something. I want to read early.