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  • Reply to: Animal Lives Matter   4 years 1 week ago

    Thank you for choosing a topic that not many people talk about. This is a topic that is very important to me and speaks to me. I remember hearing about that story with the dog being dragged behind his owner’s truck. I was so upset when I heard about that, after that i went to hug my dog. How can people be so cruel? I see post about animal abuse all over my Face book and each one breaks my heart. Your post was very interesting and actually taught me a couple of things. I didn’t even know that the maximum penalty a Canadian can face is six months in jail and that they have to pay $2000 fine. Your post was well written and right to the point, you put the important facts and did not put any useless facts.

  • Reply to: Trustworthy NBC news, or is it? Zimmerman’s case.   4 years 3 weeks ago

    Your article is very well written. It is very clear and easy to understand. I loved your title, it really stood out when I saw it and it got me very curious. A problem that I have with your post is that there’s no background information on Zimmerman case or the effects that it had. Next time try to provide a little more information about your topic so that the readers understand what it going on. I like how you included quotes into your post but they could have been integrated better. Next time try to integrate them into your sentences and not just shove them in like you did. Other than that I find that your post was very well done.

  • Reply to: British Government Reveals Proposals To End Spread Of False News   4 years 3 weeks ago

    The title of your article drew me in and it intrigued me. It stood out from the other posts, so good job on that. The post itself is very descriptive and full of interesting facts that I didn’t know about. It was very clear to me that you analysed your article to better understand it before writing your post. However a problem that I have with your post is that some of your sentences were a little confusing and hard to understand. I had to re-read some of them a few times before I understood them. So for your next post try to make your sentences easier to understand. Also, you mention how Wendling is a reliable source because he is an educated and has a verified account on Twitter that is only given to people who are reliable and provide the truth. Are you sure that this point is accurate. Not everyone on Twitter is trustworthy and reliable. You should talk about how BBC itself is a reliable source. But other those small problems, you’re post was really well done and interesting.

  • Reply to: Escalating Wage Gap Issue   4 years 2 months ago

    I was drawn to your post because I found the title very catchy and I wanted to learn more about the issue. I had already heard about the wage gap, but I had not realized how much it is still present in our society. In fact, I cannot believe that it is still an issue we are talking about nowadays. Women work just as hard as men and are just as capable as men to handle the same jobs, so I think there is absolutely no reason that they get a lower wage. In addition, I was surprised to learn that women occupying a female dominant position are collectively paid less. It automatically made me think about the concept of white privilege described by Peggy McIntosh, which she links to male privilege. If we can notice male privilege in our society, white privilege must be another important issue. White privilege is an issue that we tend to forget because it is considered normal and we were taught to think this way. It goes the same with male privilege, males tend to see it as normal. Fortunately, the wage gap is getting smaller and the issue is getting more recognition. I think this issue comes from the roots of an old way of thinking and the more time goes by, the more it changes. Finally, your post was interesting and it did motivate me to go read other articles about the problem.

  • Reply to: From Indians to Redskins : is it time to stop using Native American names in sports?   4 years 3 months ago

    What initially drew me to this post was the topic surrounding the context of sports. Being a sports fan it has been difficult to incorporate much on race and racism into sports so I felt the need to attempt to tackle this topic. What also drew me to this topic was that we had previously discussed this situation in class so I wasn't completely blind to the situation at hand. I found it very interesting that there are certain tribes that back the Redskins name just because they use a different name and they don't find the Redskin name racist. I find this kind of selfish because they are disowning the racism involved just because it doesn't affect them directly. For it to be necessary to make a change in sports teams using Native culture to garner profit, all Indigenous people must be on board in fighting against racism sports teams names. When you brought up the topic of how some cultures could be offended by these team names it made me think about an in-class discussion we had concerning Halloween costumes and how some are insensitive to certain peoples culture. These are similar because both corporations (sports teams and companies that sell these Halloween costumes) are taking advantage of these cultures by using them for a profit. The point you brought up about there being many more Native team names out there just shows how "acceptable" this has become and it will talk the Native people and everybody else to come together and protest against these offensive team names.

  • Reply to: Binge drinking in and out of college   4 years 3 months ago

    What really drew me to this article was the tittle. Being a college student I know what the nights out usually are and how they can turn out to be. Having tried alcoholic beverages in the past, I also know their effects and how they can easily become addictive to someone that has low control over itself. It is interesting to know what influences college students to drink so much and how bad their consumption is compared to non-students young adults. I was surprised to see that the drinking behavior were less about one’s own control and will to drink but more about how peers influence our behaviors and how we drink mainly because they tell us to drink. It also shocked me to know that even non college students were peer pressured to drink a lot. I could relate this study to something we saw in class. The peer pressure aspect of this mad me reflect upon how racism becomes normal to a person when everybody is doing it. How easy it is for a kid to insult a minority group student because everybody else is doing it and telling him to do it.

  • Reply to: Is the U.S. government contributing to an epidemic that they are trying to cure?   4 years 3 months ago

    I found this post to have an intriguing title, since I consider myself to be somewhat of a conspiracy connoisseur, the idea of a government lying to its citizens peeked my interest. Although this title caught my attention, I do not think it rightfully represents the article. The article shows a perhaps suspicious connection between obesity and food stamps, but this does not really relate to the government lying. However, I thought the findings of this study interesting, especially the 'food deserts', how can a neighborhood be expected to eat healthy on food stamps when there are no healthy options? Also how children learn their eating habits from their parents but also get information on healthy habits at school, this reminded me of something we've covered in class. Racism is learned from parents (and media), and these days schools seem to be making more of an effort to encourage a more inclusive and diverse environment for the children it teaches. So, all in all, a catchy title that got the job done in reeling in readers but does not, in my opinion, represent the contents of the article, and an enlightening topic that opens the floor for discussion and further reading.

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    Reply to: Racism Assignment 3   4 years 3 months ago

    Regarding this post, I was first drawn to it because it was one of the first to be presented to me and that no one has posted a comment on it yet. I was curious to look at it and to look if there were something "wrong" about it. However, I believed that the only thing missing concerning that post, is a catchy title. I have read the first couple of sentences and I decided that this would be the post that I will write on. My reaction while reading was that the article of the students was very educative and I was also surprised by the fact that it has been conduct in a class of white people. Moreover, I was attracted by the goal of the study; the researchers wanted to compare the questionnaires at the beginning and after having taking the course. Overall, the post written by GianLeNinjaDeKonoha was very clear and interesting. I can relate this post to one of the subject that we have covered in class, which was one of my favourite; White Privilege. I think that this subject would deserved more attention from course. Like we have read in Peggy McIntosh article, white privilege is a package that we often don't realize we have. To finish with, I didn't felt the need to go read the article of this student since it was very well described.

  • Reply to: Education for All   4 years 3 months ago

    This is a very good post ! The thing that caught my attention was the title of the post "Education for all". This post made me think about the fact that education is a thing that most people take for granted because it is accessible for them. However, it is true that disabled people do not have equal access to education. It was very interesting to learn that education has a great impact on disabled people's health and their autonomy. Overall, this made me think about a concept that we learned in class: "White privilege". When you said " they will be put at an extreme disadvantage in society making their success and quality of life difficult to accomplish", it made me think about the fact that minorities are put in disadvantage in society as well. Because of their "race" the education system may be not treating them equally, which has a negative effect of their chances to succeed. Also, when you stated that " they are given lower standards" and "fall significantly behind their peers", is similar in many ways to the fact that racial minorities are given these stereotypes that they "can do less", when in reality they are not given the same opportunities. That is why I thought your post made me think of the concept of White privilege. Very good post !

  • Reply to: Empowerment of Black Lives Matter: Race, Crime and Employment   4 years 3 months ago

    The first thing that drew me to this post was the catchy title. These days many discussions are about the Black Lives Matter Movement and I wanted to know what this article had to say about it. Reading carefully your post, it made me realize how much people from another ethnicity or race struggle to have a better lifestyle. I think it is nonsense that people receive less job opportunities simply because of where they live. This needs to change! When you mentioned that many African Americans from these neighborhoods end up not being paid as much or at all du to a better options made me think of a concept I saw in my Race and Racism class. In fact, it made me think of individual racism which is defined by a form of racial discrimination that stems from conscious and personal prejudice. I related this concept to this article since not being paid well enough simply because of where you come from has no link with how much skills you have to perform this job, but only because of who you are as a person. Overall, I thought your post was very good and it made me really think on reading this article!