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    Hey, first I would like to say that I think this issue is a very important subject to get across to the public. Although I believe that NAFTA can improve the lives of many people in other countries, I am also in agreeance that it can certainly negatively impacted the lives of individuals as well. The fact that it cynosures around the exporting of jobs outside of the United States, already suggests that it can be detrimental for the occupancies of many Americans. Also, much like a lot of industrial companies, the fact that NAFTA driven companies are not making the environment a priority, is upsetting. I truly think that the health of the environment should be a prioritized factor for all companies. The world is literally being destroyed by mankind, and we are the only lifeforms that have the capability of preventing this from worsening.

    I have found an article relating to this topic. The article restates what you mentioned about the citizens of the United States' employment being lost due to the NAFTA agreement. It also mentions how wages in the U.S. have also been affected negatively. Here is the link to the article:

    A few questions:

    How might this issue be alleviated?

    I do not believe that a single person can solve this problem. I do however believe that a large sum of people have the power to persuade the government of the United States to, in the very least, make a few changes to the NAFTA agreement. If enough people contribute to voting for changes in the NAFTA agreement, making sure the agreement does not affect the employment in the United States and requires companies to be environmentally cautious, then I think this issue can be improved.

    Is it plausible to the U.S. to house more of their own industrial companies within their country as opposed to exporting additional labour outside of their country?

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    Firstly, this article is well structured and easy to understand. Through the use of relevant and recent references, this article was able to provide concrete information that aids comprehension. The content was equally original and provided different opinions for each topic. The definitions given on the issues such as “unemployment” and “GDP” were clear and made it simple to understand the current issues. The economic perspective was well detailed to fully be aware of the problems related to unemployment. However, further development on the psychological trauma of unemployment would have been beneficial.
    Personally, we can relate to this issue because of our current status of unemployment. Similar to many other students of our age, we are willing and able to work but have run into obstacles along the way. For instants, both Peter and I have applied to several jobs over the course of several semesters. This is due to our minimal experience in the workplace but it is hard to get experience in the first place if no one is to hire us to begin with. Also, if by chance we were to attain a job, this would be very difficult to manage between school and working. It will affect our grades and impact our future careers.
    To have your article to continue to impact others in a positive way and aid them in their research on unemployment or even their quest to conquer their negative past experiences from unemployment, we highly recommend that you view this website to gain more knowledge on the treatment for those affect of unemployment:

    Question Responses

    #1 To increase the job opportunities for those that are unemployed and qualified, the government can create more jobs in the public sector and invest more funds in infrastructure and community services.

    #2 Through an investment in pension funds and ensuring that companies provide insurance policies for their employees, then the job security of the workers will be further guaranteed for the future.

    #3 With participation in group counseling and by encountering other that have faced the same struggles as yourself then you can gain the qualities necessary to seem as a qualified candidate for the position.

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    Very informative and interesting article, there was a lot of detail and information that went into it. However, I think it would be beneficial if you were to add more in depth quotes and more statistic to give the reader even more of an understanding on the current situation. I can’t even imagine psychological effects unemployment would have on someone’s family, the only experience I have is that my uncle was unemployed for a little and in this short span of about a moth there was a lot of stress and anxiety going on at home with his family. Here is an article that expresses my opinion and relates to the topic.;view=fulltext

    1. Perhaps they could take into consideration the previous jobs experience the certain individual had, I believe thus is a crucial aspect in any job and it should give a person more of an advantage in acquiring a job.
    2. Maybe to insure employees of long term enrolment in the job, and this will cause the employee to fell secure in his career.
    3. You can maybe ensure them that they many years of job experience and this projects them ahead of the competition.

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    This article analyzed all angles of the issue of addiction from the social, political, and economic influences to the implications it has in health care and new methods of approaching the situation. I think this was a multi-faceted article that adequately examined the root causes of the issue and I really liked how you brought forth solutions. There are many social, political, and even economic factors tied into addiction and the process that leads one to become an addict. There are a lot of social risk factors, from a genetic vulnerability to addiction to middle age, lower income, and single status. Further, the accessibility of drugs in our society through social media makes it very easy to get attached. Politically, the popularity of drugs and their trendiness in our society makes them appealing and enticing to our generation, yielding peer pressure to try these substances. Economically, the cost of narcotic drug use should not be underestimated - it can be quite all-consuming and addicts are quick to spend their money. On the bright side, physicians are concocting new ideas for treatment to deal with the new problems we face, including multidimensional family therapy and multi-systemic therapy.

    Answer of questions:

    1. Yes, should their methods make the teenagers feel like they have someone to relate to and who understands them.

    2. Certainly, should we erase the positive stigma associated with doing drugs and replace it with the dangers

    3. The biggest difference we can make is on an interpersonal level - through conversations w our peers, encouraging them to refrain from taking illicit drugs

    Related article:

    This is relevant to the original post because it talks about how countries would easily save thousands if not millions of dollars and how much countries could benefit from it.

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    Your article is very well written, I found it fairly easy to read and understand. I like your choice of title to better attract readers to read your article. Due to poaching, it has left some wildlife animals in extinction, this is a problem that has been a hot topic for a while. Weather if its poaching, over consumption or even over production all has been causing extinction to our animals and wildlife. According to an article I found, in 20 years, large mammals’ numbers decreased by 65%. This causes countries like Africa to lose those tourists that came to see the wildlife which takes a huge role on the GDP of the country. This illegal act has driven 7 species to extinction, which is better discussed in the second article below. The article explains and shows the 7 beautiful species that have been in extinct due to poaching.

    What is getting in the way of stopping animal poaching?

    Poaching has become an illegal offence across the world. If you are caught animal poaching you will be punished and fined.

    Where can we go to help combat this problem?

    Many people have made a small difference all across the world from people who are vegan to people that don't purchase clothing with animal fur or skin. You can also, cause awareness across the globe of this problem or go to countries with wildlife like Africa.

    When will we know we have succeeded?

    The problem has caused already awful damages and has caused some species to extinction. Once, we make global awareness of the problem then maybe we can successfully solve the problem of poaching and extinction of wildlife.

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    This article has covered all the main points of drug consumption. It has cleared my mind of most questions I had about drug use and its effect on society. This text is easy to read as it is proportionally divided and easy on the eyes. One of the aspects that questions me is to know what is going through the minds of the people who have over come with drug addiction. I believe that not all drugs should be criminalized or be taken as seriously as some are. For example, the fines you can get for possession of marijuana are crazy. For example, for the herb marijuana it’s a small fine with little possession but with a concentrated version of it you can 2-8 years in prison. This puts a lot of non violent marijuana supporters in prison. So I believe that there are certain drugs that should be decriminalized to avoid having statistics that are so drastic.

    #1 Do you believe the efforts done by the Canadian government through media will be able to convince teenagers to not start taking illicit drugs?
    I think that the penalty for certain drugs are too high. Some drugs should just be decriminalized. The Canadian government has started a campaign to legalize marijuana but we still haven’t seen many changes.

    #2 With proper awareness will more adolescents speak up about drug abuse?

    I believe that the steps the government has taken to handle this situation is good with the social groups put in place to help and the rehabilitation centers but at this point its up to the drug users to step up and make the first move.
    #3 What is the biggest thing we can all do to aid those in our communities?

    The biggest thing we can do to aid those in our communities is to provide rehabilitation programs to make drug users feel like their communities are there to help.

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    I think that this article brings up a good topic but the topic is brought up too much. I find it interesting that the one of the reasons for addiction like you said in your article “A personal and family history of addiction” and that “Risk factors including male gender, young to middle age, lower income and single status.” One thing that I think you could have done better is put more statistics in your article like for example the number of teens taking drugs in Canada and more specifically in the province of Quebec.

    Answers to questions

    1. I think that the efforts done by the Canadian government through medial will not be able to convince teenagers to not start taking drugs because the teenagers have control over their own lives and actions and the government is not going to do anything to change their lives and actions that they make.

    2. I think that with proper awareness that more adolescents will not speak up about drug abuse because of the simple fact that a lot of the adolescent population of Canada have already done drugs and there are not a lot from the adolescent population that have not done drugs plus once people start its hard to stop.

    3. I think that the number one thing we can do for people who take drugs in our community is to just let them do what they want because it is their choice to take drugs. It is not the community’s responsibility to take care of the people who take drugs and to tell them that it is bad for their health. They made their choice and its not our choice that we have made for them.

    here is something you might find interesting --->

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    Very informative article. Desertification is definitely big deal. In drylands, more and more people are depending on ecosystem services for basic needs in their life. Many of our resources including crops, livestock, fuelwood and construction materials. All these things we use depend on water availability and climate conditions. The only way we can prevent or reverse this desertification is to use sustainable resources.

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    i myself find that is true because its happening to me, i dont read the newspaper,i listen to them on tv or read them on social media. journalism is like teaching your doing the job because they love it

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    very good and very true