PETA sexist advertising

by pika360 on September 12, 2015 - 5:55pm

I have found a piece of advertisement that is sexist but also promotes a “cause”. There is a whole lot going in this one picture, it promotes the attractiveness of a vegan diet and at the same time shows women as sexual beings who find any men or women to be “sexy” if they follow this diet of no animal foods, this picture promotes the objectification of women through a noble cause where half-lettuces cover the women’s breasts which insinuates that if you take on this drastic lifestyle change then you will have full access to the women private parts. We also see the sexual tone set of the advertisement through the tongue sticking out and the seductive eyes given off by the women in the advertisement, with the tone set and visuals set we can already see the direction this advertisement heads too.


This representation of women by PETA is a low blow to women all over the world and to the women who fight hard to remove the oversexualized image of women in the media and society, the fact that PETA has taken the battle of animal rights  and trying to make it into a preference game in society sickens me. Maybe they are implying that women are used as a tool in there organization to promote the lifestyle and beliefs that they truly believe in. This advertisement is also problematic because of it gives young women and girls the false impression that the way to get a man is too seduce them with a change in lifestyle, furthermore I believe it gives young adolescent boys the thought that if they switch their dietary lifestyle, then they will get access to the women’s private parts. Just like in “misrepresentation” many women and little girls have resorted to cutting themselves, hurting themselves with the means of purging after a meal and later developing issues with their body image just so they can attract the opposite or same sex.


The way I would fix this advertisement would be too promote the organization by using user friendly facts that are easy to read so that all ages of the population can understand and absorb the information, I would include bright colors and pictures of PETA related images such as animals and animal-friendly foods like veggies, fruits and grains to catch the attention of my audience. 




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Hi! Interesting post, but there seems to be an issue with the hyperlink. Hopefully this one will help your readers find the images they're looking for:

This is a very interesting and informative topic,
i support some points of view of your essay as the fact of PETA ( people for the ethical treatment of animals )a nonprofit organization, that maybe is not doing a proper advertisement and it may cause some misinformation and creates a conflictive debate between being vegan or not, therefore i believe that PETA focus on the outcome of this campaign which aim to make people feel guilty if they consume meat or use fur, and try to get as much people as possible to switch to a vegan diet plan.
PETA advertisement tend to use a teleology system which means that they do not focus on the action but on the result of the action only, even though its advertisement is very violent and "obscene to certain people" and is not very educative for children as I mention above.
one idea that i would suggest is that maybe PETA should be more focused in how to get the information to the public since they main idea could be beneficial and educative for some people, ( the deontology systems which focus on doing a good action) moreover let people to choose to go vegan or not since both are legally acceptable in this country and every part of this world. Also i would like to support the solution that you provided is very friendly, informative and straight to the point.
Thank you.