by samp on March 17, 2015 - 8:06am

                The City of Indianapolis proposed a bill named ‘’Homeless Bill of Rights’’, with the objective of improving homeless individuals’ condition.  It would be a first-of-a-kind in the United States and a major breakthrough for homeless rights. However, the mayor Greg Ballard vetoed the bill after the council voted in favor of such laws. The bill was supported by homeless helping organization who are frustrated by the results of their effort. The bill had for instance the inability to relocate a homeless person and allowed them to ‘’move freely in public spaces’’ (Eason).  

                The issue of homeless touches also every city in the world. In Montreal, homeless people are often discriminated or victims of prejudice. They don’t possess clear rights and a shelter is rare for many of them. An organization that could improve is Welcome Hall Mission. By giving access to food, shelter and heat during the tough winter time, this mission distinguishes itself in assessing the issue of homelessness. Lots of volunteer opportunities are possible such as transporting people or distributing food.






Never read such a good article summary, very clear and precise. I also heard about other organization that help homeless. To pick only one of them, Acceuil Bonneau is one of the most known homeless shelter in Montreal. Those kind of establishments are very helpful for the homeless since they are providing food and a shelter 365 days a year. In winter, especially, homeless needs a warm place where to sleep.

Thank you for shining a light on this topic, I am glad to see that actions are finally being taken to help the homeless. As you mentioned, this is an issue that is present in Montreal and implementing the “Homeless Bill of Rights” could greatly benefit many people through the utilitarian perspective. The implementation of this Bill would allow for the greatest amount of good to be done to the greatest number of people. This bill identified six priorities: the right to move freely and sleep in public spaces without discrimination, to sleep in a parked vehicle, to eat and exchange food in public, to obtain legal counsel, to access hygiene facilities and to use the necessity defence in any criminal prosecution. The homeless would greatly benefit by the limitation of discrimination against them while causing zero harm to anyone else. This follows Bentham’s theory that the implementation of the Bill action that would bring about the most happiness, while the rejection of this bill, as seen in Indiana, would only cause disagreement and discrimination.
Here in Montreal, the homeless are not strangers to judgement and maltreatment. Just last summer, anti-homeless spikes appeared in front Archambault, a store on Ste. Catherine and Berri, to prevent the homeless from sleeping in front of their store. These spikes were also seen in front of an apartment building in London. The discernment towards the homeless is worldwide and the Homeless Bill of Rights will allow for the proper treatment and respect for the homeless population while not causing any harm to anyone else.

This post is a good one that informs people of whats going on in their own streets. The best theory to apply here would be utilitarianism, since, in the end, happiness is being maximed all around here. This benefits the homless the most, obviously, by giving them the things that they're currently lacking. This also benefits the government and citizens by making the city look cleaner by clearing the streets more. All in all, happiness is being maximed, like how the utiltitarian theory provides.

I think your summary touched an important subject in our society. Homelessness is present in practically every city in the world and it is a subject that is sometimes put aside since many people have the false belief that homeless people are in that situation since they do not work hard enough like everyone else. From your post, I think that you are looking at the issue of homelessness from a Utilitarian point of view. Utilitarian theory aims to create the most happiness and pleasure and looks at the consequences of acts instead of the motive, which fits well with your approval of the “Homeless Bill of Rights”. Giving access to food and shelter would increase the overall happiness of a lot of homeless people so it is the best thing to do.

I like how short and clear your article is. Homelessness is not a great situation for a modern society, as homeless people do not feel included in the society, and it is not fun for others also to realize some of us are still living with very poor life standards. It is therefore ethical and very good from a utilitarian point of view to take progressive measures towards increasing the homeless people's life quality since it would have positive consequences for the society overall. Utilitarianism is not about the motive of your action, but about whether the consequences of your acts will create more happiness and in this case, the homeless bill of rights would really created more happiness in the community of Indianapolis as a whole.

This is a great opportunity for future generations to help those in need. In Utilitarianism, the objective of the theory is to maximise happiness over any circumstances. In your article, the act of aiding those in need shows the opportunity of true utilitarianism which benefits any every person in Indianapolis.