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This article is dedicated to get our attention on what is happening with Mr. Badawi who was imprisoned for his freedom of speech and religion. Raif Badawi is a family man that lived in Saudi Arabia. On June 2012 he was fined 300,000$ and sentenced to 10 years in jail with 1 000 lashes, by the criminal court of Jaddah on the charges of Adopting liberal thoughts and blasphemy. The Liberal Party of Canada strongly denounces this inhumane sentence. They’ve asked the government of Saudi Arabia to reconsider their accusations on Badawi. This article mostly refers to some ethical problems like freedom violation and oppression of expression, Badawi was placed in jail for the creation of a website that was made for freedom of speech. The website “Saudi Arabian liberals” was to foster political and social debates, Badawi got arrested for sending 3 tweets which implied their beloved Mohamed.  He was incarcerated by June 2012. The Liberal is trying to get in touch with some important people in Saudi Arabia to get Mr. Badawi out of this situation. When disagreements happen between countries that work together they are obligated to say something about it. Some people might argue about this being the best solution for his “crimes” because they believe more about their religion then other societies.  But this is not morally right, because he sent 3 tweets mildly offensive about their god and he was sentenced to get 1000 lashes and a 10 year sentence. 

This article shows the reader that this is one of the problems that we need to fix around the world. I find that people should respect more the freedom of speech and freedom of religion all around the world because no one in the world deserves to be lashed 1,000 times just because of something they said. It’s truly barbaric what they have done to this man, just to know some people in this world still live with these principles, it’s pretty concerning. Because this is not a way to live a life, eye for an eye is not a moral way of life. People should not fear of speaking up for something they believe in, because the world will never get a chance to change for the better or the worst. I say that the liberals should keep pushing so that we do something about this big issue and make them understand that things have to change and that we should intervene.




Garneau Marc, Opinion: Canada must use all diplomatic resources to help free Raif Badawi

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nice topic and you have a very clear opinion on what should be done about the situation. the first thing i would suggest is that you mention his entire name at the beginning of the article, instead of calling him Mr. Badawi. secondly you could have mentioned the numerous times that Saudi Arabia has violated international human rights conventions by imposing such punishments on other people. i believe such a statement of fact would greatly improve the quality of your article. here is a source that would aid in such a manner.

I agree with you. Raif Badawi is a journalist that expressed his opinion on certain matters and he has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes by the Saudian government. I think that if a person believes in another ideology that is not similar to the government’s opinion, I think he should have the freedom to speak up his opinion without any form of violence as a punishment because this behavior is against human rights.
An organization that takes this case extremely at heart is Amnesty International. They are known to support human rights all over the world by promote human rights. At the moment, they are promoting their campaign “Stop Torture”, which is related to Badawi’s case.
For more information about this organization, here’s the direct link.

I believe that your opinion is strongly emphasized and that your summary is clearly explained, well done! Interestingly enough, you seem to be a deontologist by what you are saying, as you are focusing more on the action that is being done to Mr. Badawi and how they are stripping him of his freedoms of speech and religion, which you have stated is morally wrong. Using Kant’s principle of ends, you can argue that everyone should be treated as an end and not as a means and that there should ultimately be mutual respect among all people. Consequently, Mr. Badawi’s rights of freedom of speech and religion should be valued and respected, as it is a moral duty to respect all people as we would respect ourselves, making it immoral not to do so.