Seeking partner for two courses running Jan-May from Montreal: 1. Media Literacy/Volunteerism and 2. Ethics

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Seeking partner for two courses running Jan-May from Montreal: 1. Media Literacy/Volunteerism and 2. Ethics


I’m going to be teaching two courses this coming winter semester, Jan-May, to grade 12/13 students in Montreal. I am looking for collaborative teaching partners to enhance my assessments, as my regular collaborator from Sociology is not teaching this coming semester.

I'm teaching one course is in media literacy and volunteerism where students will be writing about the news on a weekly basis. Feedback my students could offer would likely apply content from media literacy and theories of social change in repsonse to content submitted by your students.

The other course is a classic ethics course where students will be blogging about the news. They might provide comments to your students applying ethical principles or asking questions to your students about the ethical theories implicit in their postings.

Let me know if you could envisage having some feedback activities scheduled, so your students could submit content to the site and then your students would receive feedback from my Montreal class quickly after posting and my students would get feedback from MA in a timely manner based on our coordinated schedules of assignment/comment submission. 
Gabe Flacks
Humanities Department
Champlain College, Saint Lambert
PS: Here are links to courses I've run at the site before that would have similar content/format:
Possible Collaboration

While my courses will be in Project Management and Business Process Analysis, I am advisor for a club that is part of an organization called Enactus. One of the goals is to provide support to small business, non-profits, or other groups where we can provide initial support for an effort, e.g., reaching more customers/clients, helping to get a business off the ground, and more. I am looking for international collaborations on all fronts.

Tell me more!

Hi Paula,
I will google Enactus- can you tell me what the club does and how supporting my students in creating and enacting volunteer projects might fit within the mission of the club?



Hi Gabe -

You can find more about Enactus under (worldwide site) or - there are teams around the world. I thought this might be a good discussion platform. From our side - our students are interested in possibilities in other countries and this could get them thinking.

Another class that may be a fit for an assignment would be my Business Process Analysis class or Project Management. I am looking for virtual team opportunities, so maybe there's something like a virtual volunteer effort to explore.