Article summary: The role of values in public beliefs and attitudes towards commercial wind energy

by athoma13 on November 12, 2014 - 6:43pm

In our society today we face 3 energy challenges: meeting the growing demand for energy, ensuring energy security, and reducing the emission of harmful air emissions. We can potentially help keep these three issues from getting any worse by using more renewable energy. This article suggest we utilize more of our farm lands as commercial wind farms. A commercial wind farm is a great source of energy without using any of the worlds resources. Although the issue this article states is finding out where to construct renewable facilities. Some communities do not want such renewable energy sources in there cities/towns because it harms the local wildlife and impacts the visual landscape. 


The wildlife casualties may be one of those sacrifices necessary as these changes won't all come without a price. The larger issue here is what you mentioned about NIMBY or not in my back yard. Getting around private land owners could potentially slow the process down greatly. Ironically most people believe change is needed but want someone else to be responsible.

Although it takes away from the visual landscape, we as a country need to move past that and realize that if we want to move forward toward a sustainable future, we are going to have to sacrifice a little bit for the greater good. That thought alone should not be whether or not someone decides if they want renewable and sustainable energy sources.