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by audreymo on October 28, 2014 - 11:14pm


In the article “What It's Like to See Blackface on Halloween as a Woman of Colour” by Eternity E. Martis, the reality of racism in our society is discussed. The main point of the article is about people who costume their self as black people in Halloween. Eternity E. Martis explained that when she was at the University of London, her and two friends were the only coloured people in the university. She and her friends went to a Halloween party and saw three white people that costumed their self in cotton picker and painted their faces in black. Firstly, she was chocked and offended but the worse happened. The three white students came to Eternity and stand up in front of her in silence with a smile. Eternity became very angry. She thought that these people wanted to confront her to make see her self in costume. She still can’t understand why people do this. Moreover, she explained that people tend to reproduced racist history instead of eliminated it. She produced a good example about if it’s been black people who costumed in white people, the consequence would have been much serious. In her conclusion, she said that is not hard to understand why is bad to painted our face in black. 


            The article “What It's Like to See Blackface on Halloween as a Woman of Colour” by Eternity E. Martis is quite chocking. I agree with her that, white people can’t costume their self as black people. Even if I’m not black, I can understand why she is chocked about the three white people who painted their face in black for a Halloween party. This action made by these white people is racist. Racism is a system with some erroneous assumptions and actions based on an ideology of the inherent superiority of one racial group over another.


These three white people knew that costumed theirs self in black is bad but they did to confront Eternity and other coloured people. I think this is worst than a person who costumes his self in Beyoncé. These three white people did this to be mean to coloured people. They stand up in front of Eternity and her friend in silence with a little smile. What is more arrogant than this? I think this is just unacceptable and I also don’t understand why they did this. This is a racist individual form, a form of racial discrimination that come from a conscious and a personal prejudice. These three students, I think, were racist. I consider my self as a non-racist person and I never would have though to do such thing.


Like she said, we should try to eliminate the racist history instead of reproducing it. Moreover, I agree with her when she said that if a black person costumes his self in a white people this would be scandalous.  White people consider their self as the superior group so they will don’t accept the minority group imitating them. In my opinion, I think both ways are bad. Costume his self as a different culture of his own is called an “appropriation” and it’s not correct.


The article of Eternity E. Martis is strong because she provided example of her own experiences. She also wrote with emotions by describing in details her feeling about the situation she lived. Also, she had good arguments to support her points. Her article created in me a lot of anger and disappointment. This article helped me to understand how coloured people felt in Halloween.




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I chose to comment on this post because the title attracted me. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I knew that it would talk about Halloween costumes since October just passed. I continued being interested in the post because of the concept of “blackface” since I only became aware of it during the Race and Racism class discussions.
I agree with how the author argued that if black people were to put on an incredible amount of white makeup, it would create an immense more amount of reactions among people. However, I still believe it is wrong to say that all white people consider their race superior to others. Like we learned in class, it is important to remember to not generalize it. It is true that some white people think their race is superior but it could also be said for others races such as Natives, Chinese people or even German’s. In my opinion, a race itself does not make everyone in it a certain type of way. It varies from person to person. We all have different mentalities and our races do not define the way we think. In this case, if I were white, it would not mean that I would automatically assume my race is superior to someone else’s.
Also, could it be that many white people consider themselves as a superior race because they got so used to hearing it broadcasted most of the time? For example, in the media or even on this current post? Maybe if you hear something often enough, you’ll start believing it yourself…

I agree that an act such as this is rather outrageous; however, if you look into a case like this and put set it into a gendered theme, where men and women cross dress for Halloween. Cross dressers fit into the transgendered category; an individual would feel angry and shocked of seeing someone cross dressing "for fun". Is it something to joke about? Not really; though I have had my fair share of cross dressing for Halloween for the reason of fun. These people who dressed up as a black person could've been doing it for that reason, though it is still insulting even though their intentions to offend anyone may not be present. Why must we put racism on a higher pedestal than other hatred that has and is presented? Why don't we view it as all equally wrong? some schools have decided to ban cross dressing entirely because they perceive it as wrong, on the same level as racism.

The name of your post attracted my attention, as we have discussed racist Halloween costumes in class, and I strongly believe that so many people are ignorant towards what they chose to wear on Halloween. I agree with what you said about the article, dressing up in blackface is and will always be racist, due to the terrible history it pertains as well as the questionable appearance of a white person with black face paint on their face. Cultural appropriation, no matter what, is not acceptable. When I was in high school we have a very big talent show called “Da Bomb”, which had hosts who would make pretty questionable jokes during the breaks. One year, a white kid in my grade dressed up as “Snoop Dogg”, in blackface. From what I recall no repercussions were made, but I was extremely shocked. Do you think it’s as bad to dress in blackface as it would be for a black person to dress up as a white person? Just some food for thought.

I totally agree with the fact that blackface is just extremely inappropriate and racist on so many levels. I agree with you that these three white people were arrogant and racist to do this, especially since they eyed Eternity E. Martis and gave her a smile, no wonder she was furious, I would have been too. I personally believe that Halloween isn’t meant to be a racist day; however it COULD be offensive and racist to a certain extent. It’s the people who dress up as the KKK, or wear blackface to depict Trayvon Martin, for example, who make us question whether Halloween is offensive or not. I believe that blackface needs to be completely eliminated and even made illegal if that’s what it takes to make people realize just how horrid and unacceptable it is. Like you said, we need to eliminate racism not continue to play around with it. I was really intrigued by your topic choice and title, seeing as how well it ties in with mine, you should totally check it out:

I was attracted by your post because Halloween is one of my favourite holiday, and I remember having discussed the issue of racist costumes in class. It is completely shocking to see how much people can lack maturity and open-mindedness. Dressing oneself as another race and using its stereotypes is awful, and schools should ban those kinds of costumes. It is indeed a strong article, because it shows just how far kids are willing to go in order to intimidate other people of other races. My friends, this year, wanted to dress up as Jamaicans and use the Jamaican accent all day while eating fried chicken. I quickly rejected the idea because I was not willing to offend any Jamaicans we could've run into. Heck, even African-Americans would've been offended by such a costume. It is totally unacceptable. Imagine if black people would dress up as white people and act like nerds and eat cheese all day, like most of the unpopular white stereotypes say. How would that make you feel?

First off all I'd like to say that your tittle was very captivating to me so that's what got me to read this. I'm surprise till this very day that people can even thing of doing something so discriminating just because the other person does not have the same color skin.I agree with you when you said that dressing up with blackface is extremely racist due to the fact of there pass. Even though Halloween as change from sinply costume to "sexy" outfits theses three white girls pushed it why over the edge not only that they knew what they where doing and had the courage to smile... This makes me wounder will this ever end? i think its crazy how they do stuff like this just because they think they are of a superior race even though the fact off the matter is that we are all human.

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