Racism in the Name of Hockey

by c.papadopoulos on October 1, 2014 - 9:33pm

Racism in the Name of Hockey


The article “P.K. Subban targeted by racist tweets after Habs win” by CBC News posted on May 2nd, 2014 explains what happened on twitter on the night the Montreal Canadians won in double-overtime against their number one and strongest rivals, the Boston Bruins, in the second round of the playoffs. That night, the game winning goal was scored by Habs defenseman, number 76, P.K. Subban. Shortly after the game, a horde of angry Bruins fans crowded Twitter with vulgar and racist comments directed at Subban. Nearly 17,000 tweets were posted regarding him, which included the N-word in almost all of them, however most of the tweets were not as negative as others. Many people such as Boston’s mayor Marty Walsh, Boston Bruins president Cam Neely, head coach Claude Julien, as well as several Bruins players expressed their disappointments and apologies for this incident. Both teams are well-known for their long-term rivalry that includes bad-talking each other and each other’s fans.

As we already know and have discussed in class, Black people spent many years suffering from the superiority of the white people. They suffered low self-esteem, their inner and outer beauties were never noticed, and they never had the opportunity to “outshine” the white because their skills were never really acknowledged either. I believe that it was easy for the angered Bruins fans to hate on and sabotage Subban because they found an easy thing to target and use; his “race”. If we think about it, it would have been a lot harder for these people to find ways to verbally hurt Subban if he was white, for example, because then they wouldn’t be able to use the N-word, which popped up a lot that night. I can’t help but think that most, if not all of these fans were white themselves, and they probably just couldn’t stand the thought of a talented black player on the opposing team outshining their beloved team. That’s what it sounded like at least. We shouldn’t forget that not all Boston Bruins are white either; right-winger Jarome Iginla is bi-racial, but you don’t see us bad-mouthing him, just saying. I really liked this article because it provided good examples of what the fans actually said, word for word, as well as what other people like Marty Walsh, Cam Neely, Claude Julien and Bruins players had to say about the incident. However, no information was given on how Subban himself responded to these tweets or how he felt at that time, which could have been useful. In all, this was a perfect example on how racism is still present in today’s society, and how even little things like losing a hockey game can bring it out.


CBC News. (2014, May 02). P.K. Subban targeted by racist tweets after Habs win. Retrieved from http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/p-k-subban-targeted-by-racist-twe...


so glad someone talked about this point and man, I completely agree with you and man I saw this and watch as this happened and felt so bad for subban because he was one of the better players for the habs even to go as far as the reason why we won most of our games, plus your right about the bruins but really It was just a bunch of pissed off bruin fans like we can never do anything with them and go and do something stupid not to be a bruins haters but hey that what they do and it’s so bad that they had to take all there hate out on one of our player . what I also thought was how easily this connects to when blacks started to playing baseball and how long it took them to get the ability to play with the other people.

We should only judge players by their performances, not their skin colour. Hockey is a sport played by a majority of white people, I'm sure it will be different soon. We can take for examples other sports such as basketball or football, where most players were white at first. Now the greatest players are black people and nobody judge them, that's the way it should be. Everyone has the right to play, everyone can shine!

I won't forget that night, it was such a great game! Sadly it ended with racial comments, and what gets me the most is that his brother, Malcolm, was drafted by the Boston Bruins, I really don't understand! Why is racism out there, people are treated by their skin color, to me it doesn't make sense. For sure due to the fact that the Habs won the series against the Bruins, fans we're mad, but it obviously got way out of hand. People should be judged by the way they play and not the way they look! Everytime I think about these things it irritates me! In our class we are learning something quite similar, basically how men say they're stronger and better,*in general, and I'm obviously against that, everyone deserves their chance on doing what they love, and evaluated on what they do and not by their looks. A link that is similar to your topic that I'm going to post below, is the former-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, a basketball coach, who sent an email regarding his teams fans... you should browse through it!


It is terrible to see that in our society we still face such racism in sports. People shouldn't judge others because of their skin they should just sit back and enjoy the game. Clearly they don't love the sport. Why weren't any of the other players on the team blasted on twitter, but just PK Subban was? Hockey is a predominantly white sport, but times are changing and we need to accept that. Black males tend to be more oppressed when they get fame and this can be proven because of intersectionality. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intersectionality

Racism in the Name of Hockey

The activity “Racism in the Name of Hockey” written by cassiethefunsize the author writes about racism in hockey. The activity mainly talks about how 17000 people abused PK Subban on the social media webs, Twitter. PK Subban was racism abused by Boston Burins’s fans after the Montreal Canadiens bet them in a epic finial playoff game between the most rivals teams in the NHL. After all the threats and mean worlds said to PK Subban, the President Cam Neely of the Boston Burins apologize too Subban and to the Montreal Canadiens. The author positively explained the situation very well and clearly in his activity. I agree with his points of view i also agree that a statement should have been taken from PK Subban about how he responded and felt about the situation. The only thing that I think he should improve on is that he should have take more about how the other black players think about what happened to PK Subban.


I completely agree with what you have stated in your article above. It is already hard enough for African Americans being the “minority” compared to those who are Caucasian. It is reasonable for Boston to be mad that the Canadians since both teams have been long time rivals, but what is not reasonable is bashing one of the Canadian players based on their skin color. If it wasn’t PK Subban who scored the winning goal then they would have nothing to argue over, but because PK Subban is African American they found the need to use derogatory terms towards him. As you stated, class discussions have been about how African Americans struggle in the work force when applying for jobs due to the color of their skin, their names and stereotypes people have of them. It is mindboggling how people can be so ignorant and base their judgements on stereotypes. PK Subban is an amazing hockey player regardless of what his skin color is, he works hard just like everyone else.

I was attracted to your article because of its title and its subject. I played hockey since I am a kid and I wanted to know what it was all about. When I read your article, I clearly remember that night when the Montreal Canadiens’ player was blast on social networks after being the hero of the game. I was shocked by the comments made by the Boston Bruins’ fans because they were completely racist. It was shocking to see so many people, about 17,000, being part of that lynching. It just revealed how racism is still present in North America. Even if progress was made for the equality of people of colour, we can see that there is still a lot to do. P.K. Subban should have been judge by the colour of his skin, but rather by his talents. What is even more shocking is that his brother is part of Boston Bruins. He will probably be the next goalie. The fans insulted their own idols. Boston fans got too emotional and they lost a lot of critical thinking that night. They should have reflected about their comment before posting it. I hope many of them would have regretted the day after. Despite those deplorable lacks of judgement and aggressive statements, I would like to congratulate those who stand up and denounce those racist comments. People need to do like those people, so that we can have a chance to, someday, eliminate racism. Others solutions, more radical one, must be adopt to.

This post’s title really made me interested, you never really hear of racism in hockey too much even though mentally when you first imagine a hockey player it’s usually not someone of color. I agree with this post completely that racism is still everywhere even in professional sports today. It made me curious as to how racism was for the first black hockey player, Willie O’Ree who played for the Bruins back in 1958. He remarks that racism was a lot worse when he would be playing in cities around the states and even in Boston while in Canadian cities he found there was a significantly big difference. It just gives me a sense that there is still very harsh racism out there and happens to occur more in the states.

Check Willie O'Ree's Wikipedia page for his remark on racism.

I agree with this post, simply because of the fact that with the few black players in the NHL, we still find a way to discriminate them through their passion and career path. This incident also reminds we of the Wayne Simmonds incident that involved a fan throwing a banana in direction of Mr. Simmonds. In my opinion whether we are talking about hockey or not, athletes should feel at home when they are praticing or competing in their sport. An athlete should feel at home when playing his or her sport, and should feel like they are safe and not feel afraid of stepping foot on a field or ice because they are afraid of racial slurs or acts.
Racism in sports in general is horrifying and should be eliminated and an individual should be severally punished if part of a racist act. For example the L.A Clippers incident this summer, the Dani Alves incident. the Maria Balotelli incident, Wayne Simmonds incident and MANY MANY more.
Not only athletes but everyone in the world should feel safe from racism.

L.A Clippers incident
Dani Alves incident
Mario Balotelli incident

I believe that your text gives us a good reflection regarding the racial issue in the world of sports. Who thought that this would happen today? As you stated, black people suffered a lot of the superiority of white people. They struggled to find jobs due to their skin color and stereotype. It horrifies me to see how people base their judgement on the color of the skin instead of their performances. I believe that the tweets published are just unacceptable. Subban is a great player and nobody deserves to be treated like that whether you are a hockey player or not. I totally agree with the fact that if Subban was white, it would be a lot harder to verbally hurt him and probably these tweets would have never existed. Instead they used his race which has nothing to do with sport to hurt him. Here is an article that talks about introducing American Football’s “Rooney Rules” in England. The rule requires at least one black or ethic minority candidate head coach vacancy. Do you think this could be a great idea and could help the issue of black people in sport? Here is the link:


This is so true, these people are so ignorant of the fact that they also have bi-racial players on their team and also P.K Subban's brother was drafted for the Bruins a few years prior so they are also insulting their own team and all other African American players and fans. This makes all the other Bruins fans look bad and now everyone is going to think Bruins fans are just a bunch of racists, which is not the case. These people were just pissed that their team lost against their longtime rivals that they had to attack a very good player personally and though he ignored the nasty comments, this probably hurt Subban. These people are not real fans, they are not able to criticize a player for his abilities, they have to attack him on his skin color. It disgusts me that some people have nothing better to do with their lives. If you want to look more into Malcolm Subban's (P.K's brother) hockey career, here is a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_Subban#Regular_season_and_playoffs

Now this is a strong post! I really enjoyed reading this because I myself am a Boston Bruins fan, big time. Although, I did not know that this even occurred after this particular game. I do on the other hand remember being very sad about the same. Now, I live in New York State and it is very difficult to be a Boston Bruins fan because I live so close to the Buffalo Sabres. I am quite shocked at how many tweets were about Subban, I wish we knew the break down of how many tweets were negative and how many were positive as to be more accurate. I know that I am not a fan of Subban, but I did not express my thoughts about the situation via twitter. I know that each player on the ice is just as skilled as the player next to him. With my family background and growing up playing sports, it is never right to bring someone down based on their race because that is not even a factor in the game. In my opinion, Montreal was having a lucky day and Subban, even luckier. I grew up in a mixed city and my family is not racist so those negative thoughts that others had never even crossed my mind during the game. I think those mean angered Boston Bruins fans were looking for someone to blame because we lost, although that is not an excuse. I was taught that as a player, no matter if I am on a field or rink, the only difference between the player next to me and myself, was our dedication, drive, persistence, and skill towards the game. Nothing to do with their race. I am disappointed that people are so ignorant that is had to come to that.

I believe that your analysis of this issue was spot on. I do agree that hockey is an emotional sport, and many of the fans are bound to get emotional as well, but racism has no place in hockey. Fantastic players have originated from all places and races of the world. There is no race in hockey that is superior that another and therefore race should not be used as a weapon to emotionally injure a player who has excelled.Subban once told a reporter that “As far as I’m concerned, I’m looked at as a hockey player. If people want to be ignorant and want to look at me as something else then they can. I’m a hockey player. I’ve played hockey all my life. It’s a sport that I love and I’m not worried about anything like that” (Article Below). This incident was an example of people made uneasy by being beaten and tried to reassert their dominance by putting Subban down using one of the only weapons they had left in their arsenal. This not only resulted in those involved to look foolish but also showed how some people react when their dominance is threatened. Subjects as delicate as race should not be used against players of any sport because their race does not help or hinder them in any way and therefore has no relevance in the world of sports.

Article: http://sports.nationalpost.com/2014/05/02/boston-bruins-take-right-step-...