Every Manner -Tea Tradition

by Flash on November 20, 2014 - 2:02am

Tea has been a drink of choice around the world for many years. It is write tea of history. It is write kind of tea of each country. And there are question when I drink tea. This article is about manner of some countries tea.

There are many difficult words. But I thought that manner is important. I will learn various manners. Most interesting countries of tea tradition is China. Because Chinese is value to drink a tea. 



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your article title is so interesting.I don't know that has many manner at the tea time.and people should know it,because it is very important for us,when we go to travle,and study abroad.but even if don't manner in Japan,we don't embrassed about it.I was interesting your article.Thank you

Hi! This article is very nice, because I think tea manner is very important. So I want to study manner of some countries tea. And I want to attend tea party. I like British style tea, because it is very sweet and smell is good. But I like Japanese green tea too. So let's go to drink cup of tea with me!!

I like tea very much, so I often drink tea every morning. I thought I would like to read this article. Many Japanese people drink some kind of tea. I heard that tea is good at our health. I think that manner is very important too. I want to learn these manners.
Thank you for your reading :^)

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