Blue is for Boys and Pink is for Girls

by Victorious on November 3, 2014 - 8:32pm

There’s a problem.

The problem is with the discouragement put on children who don’t follow the gender conformity.  We’ve all heard the saying pink is for girls and blue is for boy right? Well the reason behind it is ridiculous. I’ve always wondered why most parents discourage their children from using opposite sex toys and wondered why it matters so much since its just children playing around. According to this website called, most parents worry because they’re afraid their children will become gay or transgender. Which this site has proven that gender non-conformity does not cause children to become homosexual in fact, the website stated that “85% of gender non-conformity children in the study were heterosexual in adulthood” which proves in fact does not cause children to be homosexual.  I, myself have experienced this when I had asked my mother if she could buy me pro-wrestler action figures instead of a Barbie dolls and she turned, looked at me and said “really, is that really what you want?” and when I told her yes, she raised her eyebrow and said okay. She bought me the action figure but the point is, she had to think about it, she probably thought why would she want a boy’s toy? The conclusion is that boys shouldn’t need to play with truck or cars, if they want to play with dolls or a cooking set, then let them and if a girl wants to play with swords and make trucks smash into each other, then they should be able to as well without a problem from parents or even people around them.

 Boys can wear pink and girls can wear blue.



Color is just a color, shouldn't be associated with a particular gender ! Why should it be associated with gender ? Your title caught my attention because it is something that have an effect on everyone. I mean when someone is about to get a new born, people always give blue gifts if it is for a boy or pink for a girl. What about that baby girl who will like blue later on? I've always wondered how did this “ideology” once started. I don’t have trouble with the color pink but let say if we raise a little girl always surrounded with pink, always emphasizing PINK on her, that she needs to love pink and… well make her believe life is PINK, she will grow up with the ideology that girls are associated with pink which it SHOULD NOT be the case. Who once said that blue will be associated with boys and pink with girls? I agree with you that parents should top being such pessimists according to their child conformity. I do admit that let say for jobs, there are a majority of jobs associated with men than with women, if we continue to stop living our lives and stop having what we want according to how IT is suppose to be for gender,the gender conformity will never lessen.
Let’s break the gender conformity about colors and buy blue for girls and pink for boys ! 

I had interest for your post because the title caught my eye. In class, we saw similarities between gender roles and racism. Your post says that boys are expected to be a certain way and girls another, we can see this sort of behaviour in the stereotypes people place on different races, for example: people of African American descent are lazy and don’t try hard enough, Asians are good at math and science, etc. The reason I write about this is to show that society places these ridiculous standards that not everyone will live up to, everyone is entitled to be their own person. What are your thoughts?

You're title really caught my attention and I had to read what you had to say, and although I agree with your main point, I think where this whole "blue for boys and pink for girls" comes from is when you're young and girls were put in oink onesies to let everyone know the gender and the same thing for boys with the colour blue. The real question is who decided that blue was a "male" colour and pink was a "female" colour. Furthermore, parents that don't let there kids play with opposite gender toys are just fooling themselves because kids are just naturally curious and theres nothing wrong with letting a child experiment and allowing them to have there own opinion. Personally, I grew up with an older brother and I always played with pokemon or beasty boys and I never once asked for a barbie, in fact I play hockey which is thought to be a "male dominant" sport. My parents never stopped me from doing what I wanted to do, which let me become the person I am today. It is one hundred percent unfair that there are things in this world that are purely associated with gender, but those are just the stereotypes that have been there forever and most likely will continue to be there unless someone does something about it. So what is it that we can do to change peoples mind?

I like how you gave multiple examples as to how girls should be able to do the same things boys can do and vice-versa. From personal experience, the world I live in is filled with gender conformities. For example, I am a girl and i enjoy playing hockey, however I always hear comments from those around me who say things like "girls can't play hockey" or "hockey is a men's sport". The phrase pink is for girls and blue is for boys is not something I would encourage people to keep using.

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