Japanese Bento

by rain on November 5, 2014 - 9:38pm

Japanese Bento

I am going to talk about Japanese Bento. I have a question. Do you know Japanese bento?? Have you ever eaten to Japanese Bento before?? Are you from country have Bento?? Is there the Bento in your country?? Sorry, lot of question. Japanese bento is vegetable or fish fry or fruit or pasta in the box, I can bring anywhere and I can eat anytime. All most Japanese Bento is 1000 yen or less. The beginning of history of the Bento is the Heian period. In those days it was rice ball and dried rice. After the Azuchi-Momoyama period, a lacquer lunchbox that can still be found today. A Ekiben(station lunch) began in the Meiji period.
At first I introduce bento about Kyaraben, second introduce about station lunch, third introduce about KonviniBento.
Do you know Kyaraben?? This is a character Bento. People who make character that use vegetable or meat. All most mother make character Bento, because there children when need lunch time that mother should be make bento. When I was elementary school student, my mother make character Bento. That makes me so happy, because when I open the box, I was surprised. Any various animal or character look to me!!
Second, I introduce about Ekiben (station lunch). Have you ever eaten station lunch?? I have never eaten station lunch. However I want to eat station lunch and interested in station lunch, because station lunch is very famous food in japan. A lot of station have station lunch. This station lunch have lot of various and each way of enjoying. Then, April 10 was newly designated as ‘the day of Ekiben’ in 1993, replacing ‘the memorial day of Ekiben’.
Third I introduce about konviniBento( convenience Bento). In japan, a bento store which specialized in takeout bento or convenience stores emerged from the late 1980 to the 1990. People who often buy something convenience, convenience store is so really convenient. Convenience bento can hot, because we can take hot bento in lunch time. In recently, I think that convenience bento, and the airport bento is popular too. Because people who increased at an opportunity use airplane. Most popularly bento in japan, “seven eleven”. People who answer 44%. Most popularly desert in japan, “Lowson”. I thought desert and bento were different most popularly store.
Thank you for reading. have a nice lunch time.


This article is very good! Because a lot of attention getter. So I can very fun.

I read your article. Your article was interesting. I thought that want to eat a lot of kind of Bento to read your article. Thank you a good article.

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