When Will it End?

by Sarah Lessard on October 2, 2014 - 10:04pm

The article Dueling narratives in Michael Brown shooting, by the 9 writers who contributed to the article such as Eliott C. McLaughhlin and Joe Sutton from the CNN U.S News website on September 16th, 2014 explains the different versions that the police and the witnesses gave to what happened before the shooting that killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri. There is a version that states that Michael Brown physically assaulted the police officer and struggled to obtain the officer’s weapon after the officer asked Brown and his friend to ‘‘get the f*** out the the street’’ (Brumfield, et al., 2014). The other version coming from Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson, 22, is that the police officer concluded that Brown was the one who committed the robbery a few minutes earlier close to where the officer found Brown. The police officer drew his weapon towards him and shot him several times even though Brown was not armed. Later on, an autopsy concluded that Michael Brown had been shot at least 6 times, including twice in the head. Several protestations followed this event justifying this act as being racist towards Michael Brown, who was black. The fact that he was shot more than 6 times is considered an abuse of power used by the police officer and the assumption made thinking that Brown was the criminal because of the colour of his skin is a sign of racism.


Black people in America should not think that being African American turns their life into a nightmare. Every year, about 400 African American people are killed in the United-States extrajudicially by the police simply because they are perceived as criminals (Heath, Hoyer, Johnson, 2014). I strongly disagree with the reason that Michael Brown was shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and for being a victim of racism. This man was not armed and he clearly let the police officer know before being shot several times due to a racist assumption. First of all, the fact that Michael Brown was stopped by the police because of the colour of his skin is a clear example of racism and generalization according to race. Brown was a victim of negative classification by Officer Darren Wilson because African-American people are generally stereotyped as criminals, dangerous and as thief's. When a person is in a position of authority, such as a police officer, it is very important to stay neutral towards different stereotypes because it can lead to fatal mistakes. This racist ideology shapes how ideas and perceptions ‘‘treat’’ race and in this case the judgement made by the police officer had been affected.  One of the strengths of this article is that it shows how black people are badly treated due to negative stereotypes that they are victims of. Also the fact that more than one version has been explained in the article shows how people from different ‘’races’’  tend to see certain things a lot differently. For example, the police officer saw Michael Brown as a suspect and wanted to intervene for his own safety and for the safety of others while Brown and his friend saw the intervention of Darren Wilson as an extremely unfair act based on their race. A weakness in the article is that the aftermath of the event is barely explained. I think that what happened after this tragic event can support how terrible it has been for Michael’s family, the black population living in today’s society and the police department. Racism is a reality which badly affects millions of lives. To conclude, I am pretty sure that this event would not have happened if Michael Brown would have been white and free from racism. Racism and stereotyping is still a major problem in today’s society and this problem has lead to the loss of many innocent lives. 








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This post was really interesting to read and I strongly agree with the author. Michael Browns case is very interesting to study, and try to find more in depth ideas. Unfortunately, Michael Browns death was related to racism by a cop, who shot him 6 times for no reason. Why are cops always racist to black people? Damn, I always hate talking about racism and I still can't believe that racism is going on in our society! This cop shot Brown apparently because he was identified as a robber. Apparently, he stole a box of cigars. I just disagree on the part where the author states that he doesn't think Brown was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, how do you conclude this then? He was at the wrong place at the wrong time because if he didn't enter in that convenience store, the shooting would not happen resulting in Michael Brown being alive right now. Because entering in that convenience store, his act of stealing (apparently) cause the cop to shoot him and kill him. Although the camera footage shows Browns hat which is red and at the killing location, a red hat was located, so if he didn't step in that store we wouldn't be talking about Brown right now. Now I'm not saying every black persons death was being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but in Michael Browns case it was. Even his friend, which the author mentioned said to CNN, that Brown didn't steal anything from that store. Now, why would he lie, because hes defending his friend? No, he's telling the truth to the world and his death was an accident as a form of racism by the Police. As the author states, every year there are 400 African American people who are killed by police because they are seen as criminals. This is not correct people, why does race, color always play a role in our society?
Check out this link, it's Alex Jones presenting in a YouTube video, that Michael Browns death was conducted about racism.

I definitely agree with you, african americans are extremely discriminated upon and for no good reason at all. Your article brings up interesting points and interesting facts. Knowing that 400 people are killed based on discrimination is a hard pill to swallow. It makes everything seem a lot more real. Race should not have anything to do with suspicions of any kind and your article helps bring this point to life. If cops are getting away with being racist then why shouldn't anyone else right? Thats the image that these people are sending by killing innocent people of different "races".

I found this post very interesting to read and i strongly agree with you. This definitely shows that a police officer took full advantage of his position and thought he could get away with it by making it seem like it was an act of self defense. Shooting someone 6 times in various different parts of the body including the head is not normal for a man of the law to do. It's just wrong. The thing that caught my eye about the article is the title, "When Will it End?". Unfortunately, racism has been around for a long time and there are still ignorant people out there who believe that "colored people" are not equal. How can we define "colored"? I read this poem that may interest you :) If you write about racism again, you could include something about this in it:


“When will it end?” It is very interesting post to read. While reading your post exactly the same question came to my mind. When will it end? But it is from gender perspective. I am in class of gendered world view. Before taking this class I did not know that sexism still exist in such a developed country like Canada or USA. There is still inequalities despite of hundreds years of struggles. They are stereotyped as sex object. Raping of women is still not finished. Women experience different types of discrimination because of the gender construction. We believe men are powerful, emotion less, aggressive, tough. Men are the leaders while women are emotional, irrational weak. They are not able to take leadership roles. Women are discriminated in the work force. As soon as women have children they have to choose either their family or compromise their career because raising children are considered as primary role of women. We as society have assigned such role to women and associated them to certain behaviors which lead them to inequality.

I encourage to see this link which provide you more information http://www.canadianwomen.org/facts-about-girls

As reading your post I found it very interesting and very true at the same time (obviously). What ticks me off is that were in the 21st century and stereotypes like these are still taking place. Don't people understand by now that the color of the skin does not matter? When you said that you strongly disagree in Michael Brown being there at the wrong time. I 100% agree on you with that because as you said he was not armed with a weapon. The Police just think that they own everyone and can shoot their gun at any time. I like the way you brought up a statistic of how many African Americans are being killed "extra judicially” each year by the police. That just goes to show that out of the 400 killed, the women were also killed. That just goes to show how even the gender either male or female does not matter to the police. Woman are so poorly mistreated in our society that they also have to worry about their race because the police is so dam stupid to realize that were now in the 21st century and they still think that African Americans are a big issue still.


I found this post really interesting because as situations similar to this continue to happen in our everyday lives, we are not always aware. In this case the officer should have investigated more into the problem, rather than targeting this man before anyone else. It is very sad to know that racism and stereotyping is still going on in our society, and you're right... when will it end? In my gendered world views class, we deal with the different ideas of inequality between men and women. The gender wage gap is a perfect example of this, as it calculates the median wage of both genders in order to prove the very vague notion of disparity.