Racism is alive in education

by PamelaBoudreau on October 1, 2014 - 5:10pm

The article “American Schools are STILL Racist, Government Report Finds” written in the Huffington post explains that students of color who attend public schools are most likely to get punished and to have incompetent teachers. It is shown that students with a different “race” than white are most likely to get expelled or suspended. There are a large amount of teachers who fail to meet certification requirements and teach at public schools. Sadly, these teachers teach minority students which leads to low academic performance. This discrimination may lead to students of different “races” to drop out of school. Throughout the article, the Education Department's office, have shown that minority students in schools are put to a disadvantage. Daria Hall have argued that students of color get less than a good access the in-school factors that matter for achievement. It is also made clear in the article that students of color include all non-white ethnic groups. According to the article, this inequality begins as early as preschool, there has been recommended measures to change this but none have been carried out. To sum up, the article demonstrates how injustice education can be when it comes to racial issues and that people need to take action to change this discrimination.

               This article demonstrates how education can sometimes be so insignificant about racism. I personally think that all students should have the right to the exact same education whatever your skin color. The education system should be the same in every country, province and city. According to me, it is wrong to let minority groups have a poor education and make them unachievable in society. Also students of minority groups are more likely to be in trouble. Black students are suspended or expelled at triple the rate of their white peers. This happens because they are not thought properly so therefor don’t know what is right and what is wrong and can’t be shown the differences since the teachers they have are not fully certified. Many children all over the world need an education that will help them become successful in the society. If a child doesn’t get a proper education, he or she will end up having issues in life and won’t be a functioning member of society. This is one of the biggest arguments since it is no secret that the most experienced teachers get the jobs they like.  Those who have been around longer not only are more likely to be at better school districts, they also have better placement. Today everyone needs at least a basic education and it is unfair that people of other ethnicities have the least certified teachers. This racial issue needs to be fixed soon.  This article has points on how the educational system has issues with the different teachers teaching people of other races which I agree about. But I disagree that many measures were taken to change that, because I don’t think anyone is doing anything about this and if they are, they are not doing it properly.

Resmovits,J.(2014). American schools are still racist, government report finds. The Huffington post. Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/21/schools-discrimination_n_5002954.html


The article you wrote about brings up an important issues in today's society. Racism is everywhere nowadays and it's interesting to see exactly how it affects the education system. It's completely wrong to see how students of a non-white racial group tend to be subjected to a lower standard of education. I completely agree with you about the fact that no matter what your skin color is, you should have the right to a proper education. As you mentioned, a lack of education ties in with being a functional member of society and it will further restrict their career choices and on an entire scale ruin their life chances. Although, it's also obvious that this is part of a vicious cycle that begins with the lack of opportunity for most non-whites when it comes to careers which usually hinders their annual income. This can also affect the school that their children will attend especially when it comes to post-secondary education. I believe that to begin making a change in the education system, a change must be made within the entire society because the lack of opportunity will always be a leading factor for education when it comes to racial minorities. In countries such as the United States and Canada, these changes are a must and are completely worth the fight.

To begin, I have to say that your title grabbed my attention when I first read it. When I got to read more in your article, I has surprise by the facts that you found about how students of colors who have to go to public school are more likely to be the target of punishment from their teachers. This is why I strongly agree with you that nobody should have a different education because of their skin color , it is just completely ridiculous in the 21 century to believe in the other side. This issue in our time should not even exist because it is very discriminatory. Here is a link that could had some statistics to your paper to make it again more stronger.

In today's society it is like this, you bring in stats and sources to prove your claim. You have good points and a topic that is really affecting our society and we need to. Every race needs to be treated the same one should not be favored. Action needs to happen within higher power. We are all equal so we all need to be treated equally. You have a string topic of discussion. You completely prove your points and they are all justified.

This article is enlightening because it is something that is completely unfair to the kids that are growing up in these rough neighbourhoods and are doing their best to get away from it and prove that they can be somebody no matter where they come come. I also agree that because some are visible minorities that the teachers have a preconceived notion that because they are in the skin theyre in that they will not be anything of value to this world. However I feel that sometimes teachers that work at public schools can be the same ones that sat inn that exact classroom and what to ensure that these students desrve the best education since it hadn't been given to them. Also try broadening your views and incorporate that difference betwwen boys and girls which are most likely to be judged at first sight and then look into what genders of the teachers are working for public schools whoo are not qualified for it. check this link out and maybe you'll understand in greater detail what I am trying to say. http://www.aps.edu/about-us/policies-and-procedural-directives/procedura...

I completely agree with you to say that it is not fair for non-white kids for not having a certified teacher who meets the requirements. While reading your post, I began to think about these immigrant families and I realized that most of the parents cannot afford to send their children to a private school so that this problem would not occur. Since a lot of these parents did not have a proper education in their country, they now work at a minimum wage and it is the only option they have. Therefore, I believe that the issue of racism and the issue of class are intersecting. People say that youth of our generation are lost and not motivated, but I believed that if teachers and instructors could treat every race the same way the problem of dropouts could be solved.