Discussion groups on current affairs and interesting articles

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Discussion groups on current affairs and interesting articles


College Laflèche

I am looking to colloborate with colleges and universities anywhere. IMy students will be posting about 3-4 articles on current events and research based on their field of studies (history, social scineces, pure and applied sciences, environmental studies, education, law, globalisation, etc.) I will have approximately 25 students.

These students are very strong (advanced ESL students who excell in English and will be posting articles up on the forum. They must post a controversial discussion question which needs to be answered by a colloborating class.

Any bites?


Thank you,


Gina Lavine


Hi Gina;
My first year class is in Japan and we have 20 good students as well as about 5 stragglers. They are EFL students and are reasonably good. If we are posting directly to your class, we can edit a little more than we have on some of our recent posts.
My students have been posting on recent news topics. We have discussed Aging Societies (a concern here in Japan), Omi Merchants (an ancient Japanese business concept where all parties must be satisfied by the transaction) and its application to current businesses, Hunger, recent World Soccer controversies, and we will next discuss Global Warming. I have told them this is our next topic and suggested some articles for them to read. Would your class like to use this topic and post a discussion topic question? Our school year will end in a month but if we hurry, we can organize a collaboration using what we have written and anything you wish to post.
My class hopes they can collaborate with your class. They are so delighted when they have a post from an international source and it encourages them to work harder on their posts and comments.
Cheers, Tina Ries
Kansai University of International Studies Writing III A

PS My colleague Yukiko may also be interested and has a class of 23 second year EFL students.