Collabaration Partners Sought

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Collabaration Partners Sought

Hunger in Japan.  

We have looked at the website and from there we have researched further about hunger in Japan and the rest of the world.  

We are seeking collabaration on this topic..  Sorry for the late notice on requesting collaboration . Can anyone help out and offer comments to our students in classes  Academic Writing III T50  and  Writing IIIA..  

Our students would be most appreciative for any comments they receive.  

Thank you,  Yuki and Tina

Classes:  Academic Writing III T50  and  Writing IIIA.



When would you like feedback? How long do the classes run?

Are you looking for feedback on the issue itself, or on the students' writing? Both? Either?




Hunger Collaboration Partners Sought

This is a one time writing topic. The writing process is running over two classes and the final product of approximately 700 words is due May 26th or 29th.
Primarily we are looking for students to comment on our students work and offer insight into other areas the student may not have contemplated. If another class wishes to write on the subject we would be happy to read and comment on your students work.
The students writing is basic as they are EFL students. We are permitting them to post as long as what they write is understandable. It is good to offer feedback on the writing and even to offer advice on better writing. We ask you be gentle in your comments as we are hoping to encourage our students and install confidence in their ability.