Abstract: Discrimination against Transgender People in Health Care

by emilycao on May 15, 2014 - 7:14am

LGBT individuals, such as transgender people, face discrimination every day because of the societal belief of heteronormativity and cysnormativity. Transgender individuals have mental and physical health needs that make them dependent on the medical system in order to be at ease with their identity. However, they can also face discrimination and improper care when seeking help from health professionals. By being disrespected or refused by doctors, whom they are told to trust in order to become who they truly are, transgender people are even more affected by stigmatization and self-conscious about their status. In order to avoid this stress, it is important to know what causes this discrimination and how it can be prevented. To examine the issue, I analyzed three articles from different academic journals, based on different disciplines: “The State of Transgender Health Care: Policy, Law, and Medical Frameworks” from the American Journal of Public Health; “A descriptive study of the experiences of lesbian, gay an transgender parents accessing health services for their children” from the Journal of Clinical Nursing; and "Development of expertise in mental health service provision for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities" from the journal Medical Education. It was found through these articles that the main concern in the health system is doctors’ lack of knowledge about transgender issues. The medical education do not offer a proper training concerning transgender health needs, which prevent health professionals from providing an appropriate care, free from prejudices.


I wish I would have done my paper on this because it is such a chocking but interesting topic. I highly support any member of the LGBT and believe they are allowed the same respect as anyone. I was actually surprised to know that they were treated this way by the medical system when I read your abstract. I can’t believe that in the modern society we claim to be there is still things like this happening. Also, by the results of your research, we definitely need to help them by understanding more how we can medically help them.

A few weeks back, I had commented on a similar post, but from a New York student in the sociology class. Personally I find it complete absurd that we have this problem today. Gays, heterosexuals, and transgenders we are all the same it's not because of our sexual orientation that we become bad people. Why can't people get that! We have the right to be equally treated, so why can't they have health care? That's a shame we should learn a person solely based on character and not sexual orientation!!!

I know two transgenders in my entourage. And the situation between both individuals is night and day. One has total support from all, family, friends, doctors... While the other has had many complications with family, friends, doctors and all entourage in fact. Even though many offer support, John (I am using a fake name for privacy sake) doesn't feel accepted and this has led to depression and suicidal ideas. I think it is sad that in 2014, people are still not open to the reality of transgenders, and the LGBT community altogether.

Your essay will be a very interesting read, your topic is unique and your style and flow is consistent throughout your abstract. I believe that your research was done with a genuine care to find out more about the LGBT community. Over the course of the semester I spent my time studying civil rights so I see just how important this issue is!

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