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by 021 YOUHEY on May 7, 2014 - 10:21am

Last week, I went to theater in Q’s mall in Amagasaki city during empty class. My friend and I were free, so he suggested that go there to enjoy. The movie name that I watched is Detective Conan. I like it. This is one of my favorite anime in my hobby. The movie series are showed about in April 20. I am always looking forward to watching them. Recently I wanted to work out, because I have a lot of stress in my body and mind. I thought that if I watched the movie, I could refresh. In fact, the interesting movie refreshed me. I was helped by my friend’s suggestion. He said let’s go to theater to watch the movie for a change. I was surprised and said it is real. I think that this action is good once in a while. I usually do not play with my friends like this, because I have no time and stamina. To be honest, I want to enjoy playing with my friends without routine work. Although I deviated from the normal routine, I return to the movie. This movie’s contents are very fun. I am satisfied. The main character and his partner cooperate with each other to arrest killer who is a very cruel sniper. They decipher the mysterious message. However his partner was shot by killer and serious damage. Finally he managed to solve this incident. I think that every time this anime is overdoing. This is a good of anime. Main character has already exceeded human being. This anime is not that. The movie makes me happy. I feel good sentiment for movie. Lately my friends often advise me to take it easy. I think that I don’t do unreasonable thing, because I don’t work at part time job.


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My birthday: June 25 1992
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