Homelessness and Hunger The Problem Continues

by jkorm1 on March 24, 2014 - 10:39pm

In this article the study of Homelessness and hunger is conducted and the idea of food insecurity. The author explores the many demographic differences that show different factors when it comes to homeless peoples hunger. The idea here is that homeless people’s top priority is not getting enough to eat nor is it irrelevant towards them. This article also explores the differences between the poor and the homeless. The homeless have fewer incomes and they lack the ability to store and preserve food which contributes to food insecurity. The author also goes into the differences between homeless people and how some are better able to deal with the stressfulness of homelessness.  This study also explored the idea that the homeless ability to adapt to food insecurity is effected by their actual life and how they live. For example if they have a drug abuse problem, are an alcoholic, have a mental illness, physical ill, or childhood problems. This article also stated that the food stamp programs and other factors such as family or friends helping the homeless are improving their food security.

This article shows many major implications throughout its text. The author sought to show how homelessness and hunger connect in a different way. For example the implication that the ability to have food security is effected by the way they grew up. This example was confusing because it could have a connection to the problem but does growing up in a rough environment with bad parents really take away the ability for a human to naturally want and seek food. This example was a good one but it did seem to be a major implication that should be further studied.  One problem that could be argued in this article is that the data collection methods don’t tell the full story. The date collection methods were used from census or survey bureaus that used face to face interviews with homeless people at health care facilities, meals and shelters. There could have been a major population of homeless people who lost out on the ability to be surveyed because these people dont use these resources.  This article was a great read and very strong to the point. These evaluations were very minor things that really could be ignored. Strongly recommend the read because homelessness is a very huge issues not only in the United States but worldwide and it provides major social problems throughout society


Homelessness and Hunger the Problem Continues
Kaldor’s Intro to Sociology 100
This article brings up the topic of food insecurity being an idea of the homeless and hungry people. This took my interest immediately because this never crossed my mind when this common and tragic topic rises. The poor and the homeless do have a difference between them. The poor people can still have a roof above their heads and just making ends meet with their minimum wage job. Then the homeless live on the street and have to go through the city probably begging from the poor and trying to seek help to give shelter and a chance of eating. The homeless do have to adapt in order to survive when they don’t have any income. When the assistance of family, friends, and the government system is necessary for these people goes a long way with improving their situation.

Interesting post to the article in regard to homelessness. We as a society can improve this situation and help our fellow humans. In the country I was born in is a very small island. The size of some cities in the US. But our homeless are slim to none. Between the government and what the land provides, most people can survive without having to sleep on the street. The person can build a hut from wood and make a garden in the rear of the little land provided by the government, family member or a helpful neighbor.