Up All Night To Get “Lucky”

by jfree1 on March 14, 2014 - 5:24pm

As a college student, hooking up seems to be a hot topic when it comes to the weekend life in the college atmosphere. We have probably wondered how does alcohol affect one’s chances with hooking up with someone else. Does it help my chances? Would I regret to hook up with a stranger? Professors from the Department of Psychology from Loyola Marymount University observed hook-up experiences based on the connections of alcohol use, physical contact, and then post assessments of the hook up incident. No this was not done by observing college parties and dorm life, it was done by an online survey completed by 828 randomized students. It was summarized in this research that approximately one-third of these students would not have hooked-up with their partners if alcohol was not involved, and they would not have gone as far physically as well if they had not been drinking. (Labri 2014) Also, females that drank before the encounter and females that met their partner the night of the encounter were more likely to feel discontent with their hook up or the decision of the hook up.


            The research in this article was able to put in concrete evidence that supported the implications that alcohol affects sexual behavior of college students. For those that were hoping that alcohol would help your chances of getting lucky, this is great news. Yet, hooking up with alcohol and strangers does not always leave one satisfied. The major implications of this article showed that if alcohol was involved, one-third of the sample did not believe that they would have hooked up with the person that they did. Does that mean that if these people were sober that they may have chosen not to be as sexually physical as they were? The study also shows that females were more likely to feel discontent with the decision to hook up if they were drinking before and met the person that night. If the person regrets the decision, was it really worth it? It may not be all of the students that would have changed their minds, but at least 1 in 3 students would. That is a high percentage when it takes two people to hook up. Also, the amount of drinks the person has had, tends to correlate with the advancement of sexual behavior that the person is willing to do. So yes, some people may consider themselves “lucky” when it comes to alcohol and hooking up, but others should be cautious about what they drink and what choices they to tend to make when they go out. Although it may seem fun at night, the walk of shame may live up to its name in the morning.



LaBrie, J. W., Hummer, J. F., Ghaidarov, T. M., Lac, A., & Kenney, S. R. (2014). Hooking Up in the College Context: The Event-Level Effects of Alcohol Use and Partner        Familiarity on Hookup Behaviors and Contentment. Journal Of Sex        Research51(1), 62-73.


First of all, great summary! You are definitely on the nose when you say that hookups are a hot topic in college life. However, after reading your summary, I was not entirely convinced that hookups are getting worse. I read this article: http://digitaljournal.com/article/356385 and found out that after going over some of the facts, it turns out that the hookup scene is not much different than it was in the 80's. To me, it would seem that hookups would be less prevalent in college life due to the rise of social media. You may wake up one morning and see that the girl/guy you hooked up with the night before sent you a friend request on facebook, tweeted about you, or put up a picture of you on instagram. This would seem rather contrary to the purpose of a hookup, which is to have a fling and walk away the next morning without any sense of commitment and hopes that you will never see the other person again. Here in Montreal, the college experience is definitely not what you see in movies like "American Pie" or any movie about college students. There aren't many fraternities, and a lot of the universities have different campuses around the city, which takes away the impression that college is like a little town. Furthermore, most students don't live in dorms, opting to find an apartment in the city or simply live at home and drive to school. This means that a lot of college students are split up and there isn't the same college experience that seems to be popular in our media. This means that there aren't as many massive dorm parties or anything of the kind, which in turn leads to less hookups.