A Woman's View on Gun Control

by scase3 on February 17, 2014 - 9:41pm

In the article, “Should Congress Pass Stronger Gun Laws,” the author gives a compelling argument against stronger gun control tied into the safety of women.  The article opens with a story about a women who had her house broken into by two men, one with a foot-long knife.  She used a concealed handgun to injure the man with the knife and caused the other man to flee the scene (Trotter 2013, pp. 26-27).  This is example is used to show that guns are being used properly by some people for self-defense.  The author also gives a lot of evidence that concealed carry weapons have caused a decrease in crime rates and that guns are not part of many violent crimes.  The article also points out many liberal contradictions that could be solved if they weren’t so pro-gun control.  At one point the article explains how liberals will claim that it is dangerous for a female to have a gun, but what would happen if someone was to attempt to force rape or attack the female.  Would it be dangerous for her to have a gun then (Trotter 2013, pp. 28-30)?  

The purpose of this article is clearly to show that strict anti-gun liberals are not necessarily correct about gun control.  Many uneducated people will argue that guns are a huge problem and are the cause of many violent crimes.  The article provides specific examples of legal concealed handguns saving people’s property and potentially their lives.  I think that it is also important to look at the author’s point of view in this case.  It is rare to see an anti-gun control article in a female’s point of view.  It is obvious that females are more likely to be attacked or potentially raped than men are.  According to this article, concealed handguns could protect women if they were willing to carry them more often. 


Totter, G. (2013, March). Should Congress Pass Stronger Gun Laws?. Congresional Digest, 92(3), 25-31.


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I agree that the proposed and enforced gun control laws are getting out of hand. Clearly, as the daughter in my family of 3 females my dad never admitted it but we all knew that he had kind of hoped to have had a son to take fishing, hunting, or throw around a football with. By any means I am not saying he did not love us any less for not being males, so instead of being upset about 3 daughters my dad embraced the fact and taught us how to hunt/shoot guns and fish. As active hunters in our community my parents have owned guns for longer than I have been alive. Growing up around guns and learning how to shoot them properly and be safe with them has shaped who I am today. Obviously, guns are a good use for self defense, but there will always be people out there who use guns improperly, and make it harder to own and purchase guns. I am a firm believer in the saying, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.

Good summary. You point out the issue and give us a good overview of the article. Although I am a strong proponent of gun control, I do think it is true that women are more in danger than men. However, I still think that guns should not be allowed to be in circulation like this. If women want to protect themselves, they can buy an electroshock weapon (Taser) or something else made for self-defense. I agree that a gun might be more effective, but those small concealed weapons can do the trick and are not lethal. This article (http://thinkprogress.org/health/2013/10/29/2854511/domestic-violence-gun...) discusses the experience of a woman who had a gun to protect herself but her husband used it against her and also talks about the issue of domestic abuse. This might show you the downside of having guns even if you’re trying to protect yourself and broaden your perspective of the issue.

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