Free Health Care in The United States: A Future Reality or Only a Dream?

by canadiangirl on February 4, 2014 - 11:01am

There is a particular subject that my dad always told me about since I am young: the cost of the health care in the United States. For the past few months and since the electoral promises of Barack Obama the subject took an important place in the news. Today, there are 25 percent of the families who struggle to pay for health care bills and approximately 10 percent of them received bills that are just not able to pay. Also, 40 percent of family who have health assurance have trouble to pay their medical bills. CNN and other news programs began to do interviews with families, seniors and a person who lived a hard time because of the cost of Health Care. In 2010, an Affordable Care Act was created and drew to reduce the cost of health care by getting an assurance for Americans. Unfortunately, a report from the National Center for Health Statistics declares that even if families have a health assurance, at the end of the day, they still cannot pay for bills. In 2014, the United States is the only developed country out of 47 that does not have a universal free health program.

In 2008, during his first election campaign, Obama made the promises to the American citizens that the United States of America will establish a free health program if he becomes the President. In 2012, Obama establish who is called ‘Obama care” but the real name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA): « The Afforbable Care Act texpands the affordability, quality, and availability of private and public health insurance through consumer protections, regulations, subsidies, taxes, insurance exchanges, and other reforms. » Therefore, everybody is healthy and safe because they know that if something happens to them they will be able to be treated. Being under Obama care gives security to all the America citizens. Although, everybody in need should be able to be helped by others, even is they do not have money. This situation can apply for sick people that need to be treated and for homeless who needs a house, this is why there is a lot of organization founded for them, like in Montreal, there is the ‘Accueil Bono’. The Obama Care program includes 10 benefits like: emergency care, hospitalization, prescriptions drugs and more. Furthermore, America citizens will be permitted to have free screenings and counselling in order to prevent any diseases. Every citizen should have the same basics rights; even people with less money should be able to know if they are healthy. According to Barack Obama, the PPACA should be running and completely established in 2022. Knowing that Obama will quit the presidency in 2016, do you think that the next president will encourage and continue the work of Obama Care?

Since 1969, every Quebec citizens have free health care with the ‘carte d’assurance maladie’. Therefore, my family never had the struggle of paying for any medical services. Even if it is free, Quebec hospitals have some problems of over load hospital, cleanliness; lack of personal, etc. citizens can still be treated without any charges. Meanwhile, in the United States, some of the Hospitals are described as ‘hotels’ everything or almost is impeccable, but there is only a short part of the population that can have the access to the hospital because of the cost? Do you think that a balance could be created in sort of having a little bit of the two situations? Can it be possible?


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Since the passing of the PPACA, or "Obamacare," rhetoric from political right and the business class in the United States would leave one with the impression that the bill is a wholesale government takeover of the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, this is entirely wrong.

The situation before the PPACA passed could be summed up as followed: each state in the US had a healthcare system owned and operated by a small cabal of corporations, in what could be described as an oligopoly. These companies were de facto exempt from federal anti-trust laws, which are meant to prevent exploitative monopolies in any industry. Predictably, the result of this extreme concentration and lack of competition in a profit-based healthcare system was price-gouging, terrible service and a "profit over people" mentality. In steps Obama with promises of "hope and change."

And from this loud roaring of hope emerged a soft whisper of change. And the words it whispered were "I'm sorry."

Obama, from the outset, revealed that he was much more a friend of corporate interests than he let on in his campaign speeches. Having filled his cabinet with representatives of massive corporations and industry insiders, he set out on a mission to reform American health-care. The results were predictable. Instead of initiating a single payer system where the government could practice collective bargaining on behalf of all American health-care recipients (i.e. everyone), Obama instead decided to leave the system largely intact. The oligopolies would not be broken up, and its cartel-style system would continue. The only difference would be that Americans would now be FORCED to buy insurance from the SAME companies who have been gouging citizens for generations. And collective bargaining power was dismissed as the ideas of socialist cranks.

This isn't socialism, it's corporatism. There's an uglier word for that last term, coined by a man by the name of Benito Mussolini. I'm quite sure that the American corporate class is a fan of his "corporate-state" ideology.

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