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by sophiaroseglt on January 28, 2014 - 3:23pm

On the 56th edition of the Grammy awards that took place on Sunday January 26, 2014 Seattle base rap artist Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed a planned marriage ceremony for 34 heterosexual and homosexual couples on stage. It was officiated by Queen Latifah in an interruption in their song on the subject matter, Same Love. The article features many acclamation to the performance but also homophobic remarks that were made on its regards. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are an emerging duo that are using their popularity status to bring a positive influence on their fan base. Although they are risking losing the newly gained fame by promoting a “no freedom till we are equal” attitude they many argue they have “guts as well as talent”. 

There is however the other point of view were individuals taking stand saying it is offensive and it mocks the traditional value of  America. They also critique the CBS network for airing such arrogant performances in order to get more views. They also assured this performance was “flushing the bible” on national TV and advertising offensive behavior.  

After reading the article Grammys: Gay marriage takes centre stage By Anthony Zurcher editor of Echo Chambers I had a feeling of pure enragement. The hatred expressed towards those who try to make this world a better place had turned me into one of those that hate on other people due to their beliefs. I had forgotten the actual message of acceptance, equality, and freedom for all that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had tried to convey on national television that had me being so proud of being part of this generation were young artist don’t just use their public image to promote DUI or for their own profits .  I do believe that the world would be a better place if instead of giving our attention to those who want to regress and deprive people of their most basic rights lets concentrate on those of us who are innovative in our society because we do want more. 


I entirely agree with what you have to say. This is the 21st century and homophobia should be about as accepted as segregated bathrooms…but it’s not. In fact, it’s not only homophobic people who are striking out at Macklemore either. I recently read an article in which a queer woman was trashing the rapper for promoting assimilation rather than acceptance. That bothered me almost (note the almost) as much as homophobic comments. Macklemore has good intentions. That woman was raging over someone who was promoting the same anti-homophobic message she was. Maybe she wasn’t 100% in agreement with his methods but at least he is getting attention. One step at a time woman!

Thank you very much I also agree with what you are saying we should all work together and in the same direction!

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