Philippines Faces Threat of Serious Diseases

by DThibault on November 22, 2013 - 9:53am

After the devastating typhoon in which Philippines have been strucked with,many people were left homeless without food not shelter.Many people are unable to obtain drinkable water due to its shortages.Many illnesses such ascholera,hepatitis,malaria,dengue fever and typhoid fever can be found in many victims today.Although many doctors and nurses are on scene, The amount of victims that were hit from the typhoon surpase the numbers of doctors therefore many death a occuring from the lack of doctors.Researchers have found out a new parasitic disease which is an epidemic could surge out any moment.Many citizens in philippines are burying their dead cautionsly from all the diseases dead bodies may contain.Many vaccines shortages are happening since so many people obtained a disease that the supply is running out.All of the population in the Philippines are at risk of  tetanus at any time.About 4000 people have been injured during the typhoon and 2357 have been reported dead.Many docotrs come to the conclusion of Philippines geographic location and with the water mixtures from the typhoon,it created a misture therefore more disease were spread through the typhoon and the air afterwards.Many people are suffering from respiratory infections due to the polluted air and debris everywhere.


In my opinion i think what we are seeing in the Philippines is just a beginning of what our world is doing it itself.In our future we might experience or see at television other areas where they ahae been struck with a natural disaster. i feel like our impacts on earth is going to play against us one moment and we will be the ones sufering.We all live on Earth and i feel we should all be helping each oher.This world is all about my ressources and not a  lot of sharing.We are a huge family living on this earth but we are killing our earth and killing the ecosystem.We all have the right to live on earth and why wouldnt we help someone who is in trouble.If a country is in trouble we must help them to rebuilt itself and make sure tht our world doesnt crumble to the sea.We must do what is right and humain.


I couldn't agree more, what we are doing at this moment is just consume more and more and not worry about the consequences down the road. We must act now and change our ways to help avoid many problems that will come later on in our future or else we will face the consequences of our actions and we may not be able to stop it. As for the Philippines, we must give as much aid as possible. We are fortunate enough to live in a first world country and I feel when things like this happen it is the top countries responsibility to take care of the countries who are less fortunate. There are people dying and we must act to help them, they don't have the resources we do so we must do something to help and not just as countries helping each other but as human beings helping human beings in need.

You're absolutely correct with your standing on this issue. The current direction that the world population is pushing the Earth is definitely not the direction that it needs to be going by any means of the imagination. Unfortunately, due to everyone's greed, the little amount of aid that can be provided by one or two countries is no where near enough to help sufficiently when it comes to a problem of this size and magnitude. If someone doesn't take some kind of action soon though, the path that our beloved earth is on will be irreversible and chosen for us as sad as it is to say that. Based on my knowledge, I'm not quite sure what we should do at this point let alone what we could do to deal with this situation. Either way though, something must be done.

What happened in the Philippines is just a sin. I feel awful for the people getting illnesses and cannot imagine. Although I have not experienced something as drastic as this I have experienced Hurricane Sandy living on Long Island. For me, Hurricane Sandy was a reality check. I was without power for two weeks and had no hot water. Trees were down all around my neighborhood and houses. Fortunately for me, my house was not damaged at all. Places near water were destroyed. Driving around and seeing the destruction that took place over 24 hours was unbelievable. Random boats floated onto people’s property and water rose up to the top floor of houses. Businesses and homes were destroyed by the hurricane and many people were left with nothing. I agree that we all are a huge family and should help those in need. Many people helped after Hurricane Sandy, which is why I want to look into helping those in need in the Philippines.

It truly is a tragedy what happened to the Philippines. My roommate’s parents were born there and many family members currently live there, but fortunately the only issue they had from the typhoon was a flood and minor roof damage. I can’t imagine what the people down there must be going through; having to cautiously treat their dead loved ones because they don’t know if they could have some disease. And I can’t imagine not knowing if a family member or loved one is dead, since they are continuing to just estimate the death toll from this event. While I agree that we should try to help the Philippines as much as possible, I don’t necessarily believe the typhoon was a direct effect of global warming and such that I feel you are implying (but it definitely plays a role in natural disasters). As I previously mentioned, I hope the world joins together and help our fellow men in the Philippines, and hopefully the chaos and calamity they are surely experiencing right now will lessen soon.

I think that what happened in the Philippines was a terrible tragedy. I followed the event closely because some of my best friends have family who live in the Philippines. Such natural disasters are always scary, especially since we, as humans, have no control over them. I also agree with what you said about helping each other out. As humans, we should help other humans, no matter the differences between us. No one deserves to have their homes and families ruined. And according to your blog, this situation is even worse because of the added effect of the diseases. Not only to the Philippinos have to deal with the massive damage done by the natural disaster, they now have to worry about catching terrible diseases. This is more than anyone should have to deal with.
Your blog was very interesting, and caught my attention quickly. However, it was a little hard to read due to the grammatical mistakes. Besides that, I very much enjoyed reading your article and will definitely read up more on this subject, especially about all the diseases that are going around and how we can help. Good job!

I couldn’t agree more! Being half Filipino, I take this disaster that has happened truly to the heart and am so devastated to read some of the diseases breaking out. The Philippines wasn’t a rich country to begin with, so this typhoon only made the accessibility to resources and medical personnel that much harder. I also agree that this is only the beginning. Unfortunately, the condition of Earth’s natural habitat is rotting, and it is going to take nearly everyone to help fix the damage. Although I didn’t experience something so drastic, I did experience Hurricane Sandy in New York City. It was such a reality check for everyone from the city, reminding us of how much we need to come together to help out. The Philippines needs a lot of aid, and I would like to see you take this further by researching any latest news in the near future about their current status and what we can do to help.

I think that the disaster of the typhoon in the Philippines and what they are going through is absolutely horrible. It's difficult to imagine that happening here, let alone anywhere else. It's also scary to think that they are catching all these diseases and that it is a serious problem occurring. In your last paragraph i feel you took the stand point as no one is helping them and that we all need to come together to help them. I do agree that we should help them to the best of our ability, because i sure know that if something happened to us here, i'd want all the help we could get but if you think about it, we are already helping them so much. There are a number of organizations raising money to support and help them over there, there are US air force and army flying in supplies such as water and other goods and there are people going over there to help with the sick and cleaning up. It's just the beginning of what is going to be a long road to cleaning up and recovering from this disaster and we are helping as much as we can and will continue too.

Natural disasters are always an awful tragedy for the country and people affected. The closest thing I have ever encountered to a sort of disaster was the “October Storm” in 2006. It was basically a series of blizzards and extreme snowfall that caused trees to fall over which crashed into houses and the power was out in several Western New York cities for two to three weeks. A lot of people had a hard time with this because traveling to get food from the store was dangerous and not many people had generators. There was never any risk of disease, so I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for Filipinos to be facing so much destruction, death, and disease. We always hear on the news about disasters around the world or even affecting our own nations, but in today’s world it seems as if the help those nations receive are an act of political strategy and not of genuine concern for other human beings.
When natural disasters strike, like the typhoon in the Philippines, we always think, “Oh those poor people,” but often we never do anything about it. More powerful countries can help aid affected areas dealing with destruction and disease, but only if it is in their best interest and will put them in a better light. I agree with you that it’s important to help people in need no matter where they are from and act as a family because above all else, we are all sharing the same planet that we live in. Sometimes nations aren’t in a good financial situation to provide a lot of support and aid, but leaving people to die and disease to spread won’t be beneficial for anyone. I think you did a really good job bringing up the issue of sharing the earth and how we should work together to save the ecosystem while simultaneously helping our own people.

This post caught my attention right away because my Aunt and her family are from the Philippines. My Aunt lives in the United States now and fortunately her family was not terribly effected by the natural disaster. My Aunt recently flew to the Philippines because her father and brother both passed away. The health care in the Philippines is horrible quality and the typhoon makes matters a lot worse. It is sad to see my Aunt upset about her family and her country. It makes me want to make a difference and go help those who are not as fortunate. I think it is important that our country and other countries send relief and try to help as much as possible.
In my life I have only experienced one event that may qualify as a natural disaster. This was the October Storm. My house was without power for two weeks. It was scary, but the national guard along with other relief programs really helped and things were back to normal in no time. The people from the Philippines are not as fortunate so it is important that we do as much as we can to help.

It is very sad looking at the devastation the typhoon left on the Philippines. Reading your article reminded me of the earthquake in Haiti and how the need for medical attention surpassed the amount that was available. In any situation where there are numerous deaths it is very crucial to contain the deceased because of the bacteria and diseases they carry. It is crazy how things in America are taken for granted. In our worst storms and tornadoes many people still have access to clean drinking water while in the other countries like the Philippines, civilians do not have the access to drinkable water. Homes were destroyed leaving families homeless. I personally haven’t experienced a typhoon but last year around the area I call home, I experienced Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the New York City area causing schools to be closed for several days due to flooding and loss of electricity. Trees fell on top of cars and supermarkets were low on supply due to the storm as well as homes being torn apart and flooded to the point of no return. It is heartbreaking to know that this has happened in the Philippines especially knowing that there are small children that are also being affected. You did a nice job discussing the issue at hand as well as voicing your opinion.

What happened in the Philippines was an absolute tragedy. I don't understand why it got so little media coverage. The casualties were huge, the injured larger. The Philippines is not that large, many of these people have no where to go. I have read that the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders have been closely involved with giving aid. It's horrifying to think what would happen if a major disease spread through the country. They need more aid and more attention. Many of their living conditions were not good in the first place. Hopefully they find a quick path to recovery.

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