Two Steps Forwards One Step Back

by jessica.chouinard on November 21, 2013 - 11:17am

The purpose of this article is to show the improvements that china is slowly make to improve the living conditions of its population. China Hints that they are planning to make these changes in the next couple of months. One of the main points that is made in the article is that they were going to be less strict about the one child policy. Now, both parents that are an only child are eligible to have a second child. Another point that was made is that labour camps will be abolished. What makes the issue chosen a social problem is that there is a difference between the ideal situation and the situation that is happening right now. This social problem is also affecting groups of people because it is affecting the population of China. It also makes it a social problem because there is a solution to this issue that they are slowly trying to solve.

I knew that China had a policy for the number of child that families were allowed to have in China. I had no idea that it was only one child per family in urban areas. I find this unfair that families are limited to one child. I am glad that China is making the effort to change the one child policy and is abolishing child labour.


I completely agree with your post because it is good that China is giving more freedom to their population regarding the amount of children that a family can possess. In fact, this law has frustrated me for a long time because I believe that every human should have the right to have as many children as they want and the Chinese governement should not have a say in that. Also, the main reason why this law was put in place was due to the fact that the population was growing immensely and this law was supposed to be a solution in order to reduce the population. The ironic part of this, is the fact that now, since the population is aging, they are "loosening" this law. Basically, when it suits the Chinese governement they can change anything in a snap of a finger, without even consulting the population. I find that you article was well written and summarised the issue well but if you could have found some statistics to back your points, it would have made it even better. Good job!

I completely agree with both of you! It's very relevant for you, Nikita, to point out the fact that the Chinese government basically does whatever they want to suit their current situation. I believe that it is completely inappropriate for a government to manipulate its population in such a way: they are controlling actual people! I'm very glad that the government is thinking of changing the ''one child policy''. However, what will happen when the ''young generation'' will be restored? Will they restore their ''one child per family'' policy? Instead of finding solutions that only suit the present condiion of the country, the Chinese government should find long term and consistent solutions to their many problems.

I completely agree with both of you! It's very relevant for you, Nikita, to point out the fact that the Chinese government basically does whatever they want to suit their current situation. I believe that it is completely inappropriate for a government to manipulate its population in such a way: they are controlling actual people! I'm very glad that the government is thinking of changing the ''one child policy''. However, what will happen when the ''young generation'' will be restored? Will they restore their ''one child per family'' policy? Instead of finding solutions that only suit the present condiion of the country, the Chinese government should find long term and consistent solutions to their many problems.

I definitely agree that any government that gives more rights and freedom to their population is a good thing. However, with China's reputation of not saying the whole truth might be a problem in this situation. I think that for now it seems like China will go through with these promises, but may still be hiding something from the rest of the world in terms of social problems and repression, as in Tibet.

This article caught my attention due to the One Child Policy. Living in the United States of America, the law seems impossible, and perhaps ludicrous. America used to be based around large families, so that they could all depend on each other. Especially for farmers and families that were poorer, and needed the help to survive. My mother was one of seven children, and grew up on a farm. So everyone was constantly involved. Thinking about how far civilization has come technology wise, I’ve noticed the ‘trends’ of smaller families. China has taken the “smaller family” idea, to a whole different idea, hence the One Child policy. I know the population has been somewhat under control for China since this policy, however the younger generation, as a whole has become lesser then the older generation. This is only going to lead to issues such as working, and retirement complications. However I read recently, that China is making attempts to relax the policy, so that couples will be allowed to have two children, if one of the parents was an only child. As of now, both parents have to be an only child, to be able to have a second child. I was impressed that you had already written about this, so I had to post a comment. These are not giant leaps towards major changes for China, but at most crucial baby steps.

This is a very informational article. I feel it is a step forward that China is breaking away from their old ways and allowing families who have been an only child to have two children. Growing up with a sister, many cousins, and overall a large family I would find myself lost if I was an only child. I feel that a family with two children is more stable than a family with one child. I feel that a child with a sibling will often find life easier because they always have that one person they can turn to when they face problems, and often times their sibling is facing a similar difficulty. I believe I feel this way due to the fact I have always had my sister to turn to. Something you may want to consider is how the changing of China’s one child policy might affect each family. Many families will no longer be forced to give their children up for adoption. This is a huge struggle that not only the parents face but also the children. This may also decrease the amount of children that are just abandon on the streets and forced into foster homes.

What first drew me to your article was the title: very creative. I believe it is a good thing that China is slowly backing off on the One Child Policy. I understand not wanting to be overpopulated but by telling someone they can only have boys actually reduced the percentage if having a boy. I too agree with you about China abolishing child labor. You did a great job on explaining the article.

Your title, first of all, is the main reason I decided to read your summary. I really like the fact that you are mentioning that China is still improving. Even if it is slower than what was expected from them, but it is still a change and it's a step closer to the finale goal.

The thing that caught my attention to your post was the title. Before my sociology class, I knew that China’s population was a major issue however; I was unaware of their one child policy. The examples you explain in your post really explain the China’s one child policy and the new policy that they are trying to place. It’s pretty shocking to me that the Chinese’s government is controlling the amount of children a couple can have. I am glad as well that China is changing their one child policy since their population is decreasing. I am also glad that the government is allowing couples to have more children and not being strict on the population through this policy. I find it shocking that the Chinese government can just change their policy in a matter of seconds to try to “fix” whatever situation is going on at a particular time. It’s going to take a while for their population to get use to this new policy where the old policy has been in place for so long.

I really hope these changes that you mentioned in your post actually follow through. The one child policy in China has resulted in so many abortions and abandonment especially of female babies. It is so sad that families in China feel as though they are forced to get rid of their child when they have more than one, or if it is a girl and not a boy. The reason why boys are kept in Chinese families is because they are looked at as more valuable, since the boy's family will take care of his parents once he gets married. Maybe if this policy isn't as strict anymore and eventually doesn't exist, women will start to be looked at as more valuable in the Chinese society. I would love to see you add onto this post once more news is heard from China if these changes actually take place or not and what the outcomes are.

I couldn’t agree more that I think China’s Once Child Policy is unfair and that I am very glad they are relaxing it’s policy to now allow families have 2 kids. I also am very happy they re abolishing such labor camps. However, even though they are lightening their policy and are trying to make steps towards change, it seems to me that there may be something the Chinese government isn’t telling everyone. It’s great that families are allowed to have another child, but it’s still the government giving rules to their citizens, because the parent’s must be an only child. Steps toward more opportunities, yes, but it doesn’t seem like a step forward in regards to equality.

I agree with the moral argument for the child labor and limiting families as well. I would be angry if I was an only child or had to be limited in the future from having a big family. Unfortunately I would have to respectfully disagree with saying the “One child policy” is unfair because it is truly an effort to increase the living conditions by stabilizing the population. China has always had large families, but during the twentieth century the population has exploded into something that cannot be controlled easily, the one child policy although restrictive in individual rights is necessary so china doesn’t become a complete wasteland. All the people will create pollution and the standard of living will dramatically decrease with less available jobs. On the other hand if there is only one child allowed without being fined, a boy is preferred and females will be aborted or abandoned which is also a huge social issue. I definitely agree with the moral issue, but the social aspect is putting the Chinese government in between a rock and a hard place.

The thing that caught my attention in this article was the one child policy. This policy has always blown my mind because I couldn’t imagine being told by the government that you can only have one child. I am the oldest of five children and I couldn’t imagine my life as an only child. I would have no one to play with or rely on and all of my friends would most likely be an only child also. My brothers and sisters are my best friends and I could not even begin to imagine being told that you can’t have that luxury. I feel that this is a very cruel thing and unfair thing to do; you should be able to have as many children as you please. The government shouldn’t have the right to regulate that part of your life. I am very glad to hear that things might be changing but I still think that the restrictions are cruel. I am also glad to hear that they are changing other social aspects of the life in China, such as closing the labor camps.

China is beginning to realize that their one child policy is creating a serious dilemma for their future. In china, we see an aging population. This means that in the next couple of years, most of Chinas population will consist of a majority of elderly and a shrinking minority of younger people. This means that Chinas economy is in jeopardy because most of the income will come from the working elderly class and at some point, they will have to retire. There will be nobody left to care for the elderly because most of the population is the elderly. What happens when the old retire, the young take on the responsibility. With this policy, there won’t be very many young to carry on the livelihood of the country. This will create and possibly ultimately be the nation’s downfall. While allowing families to have a second child is a start, it will not fix much. I understand that the country may have a population issue, but so does India! And they don’t even have such laws. I feel they should just repeal that restricting and law and just let their population flourish and balance itself out again.

I agree with your post because i feel that the one child policy is unfair to the parents who want to have more than one child. Its not only unfair to the parents but to the child as well. Being that I am the only childi feel that growing up without another sibling was somewhat boring because even though I was always around my cousins when it was time for me to go home I found myself to be very bored because i had no one to play with. And I feel that at a young age a child should be around kids his/her age to interact with. Ifeel that the one child policy is putting a restriction on families and what their allowed to do. Also your statements on the abolishment of labor camps is something that i also agree with, by getting rid of the one child policy and labor camps will allow China to grow more ifficently and become more modernize.

I agree with your comment that it is a positive thing that China seems to be making more of an effort to lessen the severity of their One Child Policy. Personally, I think this law is ridiculous and almost unethical. Reproduction is one of the most common and natural things for humans to do. It is what keeps the world population up and the economies thriving. To think that one of the most advanced countries in the modern world has a government system that made a written law telling its citizens they are not allowed to have more than one child is beyond my comprehension. This is a basic human right and if a couple chooses to start a family of their own, who is to say that they should have to limit the size of it? Though I understand China is one of the most densely populated countries in the world for its size, and some type of action needs to be taken, I do not think this is the way to go. I was very glad to hear that they were going to lift this law, even if it is only adding one more child to certain families. I think that there are alternative ways to control the population rather than dictating the size of a family.

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