Help Desperately Needed in the Philippines

by chelsea-martin on November 12, 2013 - 4:30pm

An article posted on BBC news on November 12th 2013 states that Typhoon Haiyan has left many health issues. It is estimated that in the next month 12000 children will be born in the areas being affected. Also, people with diseases that are normally treated for regularly, such as diabetes, need their medication; however the transport routes were destroyed by the typhoon. To continue, many people have been left homeless in the wake of this disaster, and with the small living areas and non-safe drinking water, infectious diseases could become a serious problem. According to the World Health Organization, the most dangerous period for these outbreaks is between ten days and one month after the disaster. With a lack of drinking water, unsafe food, and absence of areas for personal hygiene, infectious diseases are very easily created. On top of the trouble the Philippines are already facing, another tropical storm is expected to hit this week. Shelter, drinking water, and cleanliness are very important.

The World Health Organization is getting together with other organizations to help get water purification tablets to this area. Diarrhoeal disease kits are on the way to the Philippines because contaminated water often causes this. Medication to supply 120,000 people for a month has been sent out and a warning system is in the works to be able to detect outbreaks of diseases in areas of threat. The occurrence of an epidemic will be determined by how the survivors are managed. To this date, no epidemic has been caused by the exposure of dead bodies after a disaster. Getting these people clean water, safe food, medicine and a place to stay are what is important now.

The social issue in this situation is that people are lacking the basic needs such as food, shelter, water and medicine, which they need in order to survive. These basic needs are really necessarily especially in a situation like this one. However, getting these things to these people is not easily done and it is causing a lot of problems to those living there.

I think it is very important for people around the world to be helping these people. When hurricane Katrina hit in the United States, everyone was helping out to make sure that they received what was needed. People need to be doing that here, especially if another tropical storm is going to hit again this week. There are so many wealthy countries in the world that are capable of helping out and I think it is important for them to do so. But not only countries can help out, individuals can also help; there are even more wealthy people in the world who can donate to these people. I feel like it is very important to help these countries because a disaster like this is awful and those affected have lost everything, donating or sending medicine, water and food is the least we can do in a situation like this one. I think that the World Health Organization and the other organizations that they are working with are off to a good start. By providing safe water that is one battle that will be beaten. I think that they set a good model for other organizations to also help out. I think by encouraging people to donate and help out, and encouraging countries to help out, the Philippines will be able to come out of this disaster.


According to all the data you've posted about the article, it does seem as though the Philippines is in need of some serious help. I agree that the wealthier countries around the world should definitely be helping out the best they can, whether it's starting a food drive or sloe thing drive, the smallest amount of help can change so many peoples lives. The only problem with this is how would we be getting all of the supplies there if the main transport routes were destroyed by the typhoon? We could airlift the supplies, but who would supply the helicopters to transport the goods? I agree that it's a good start that The World Health Organization is starting to send various medicines over to them, which should help with the 10 day to one month period of time for diseases to break out. These medicines should prevent any major breakouts.

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