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by vince1401 on October 10, 2013 - 8:49am



Education has been poor for a long time in Finland. But, in the 1960s, the Finnish government decided to focus on education as a way to save the country’s wealth. Since then, many improvements have made Finnish education one of the best in the world. Instead of motivating (or discouraging) students with tests, their master-graduated teachers prefer to motivate them with outdoor activities, inventive learning games and minimal homework.  To encourage the children’s parents, Finland subsidizes them for every child they send to school and provides free health care for every student. Their policy seems to be worth it: Finnish students perform better than Americans in standardized tests. Maybe the United States of America should take notes from the radically opposite educational philosophy of Finland.

My opinion:

I think that Finland’s success should be a model for us. I have always felt that our educational system, in Canada, never truly suited children and teens. I have been through a few of the Ministry’s so-called “reforms” and I can say that none of these has brought any real improvement. Thus, Finland’s radical but great schooling philosophy inspires my respect and envy.

Discussion questions:

  1. In your opinion, what explains Finland’s educational success?
  2. Would Finland’s system work in other Western countries, like in Canada or in the USA?


I think that the Finland's system of education is better that ours. I saw, not a long time ago, a documentary that talk about the differences of education systems between countries, and indeed, Finland or as for the other Scandinavian countries, are a model for the rest of the world and should be, therefore, followed by the other societies. The Minister of Education of Canada should take this outstanding system, and thus, establish it vigorously across Canada. Finland have prove that it is possible to achieve marvelous results by attempting these improvements toward their educational system.

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