Impact of Computer games on our society

by rachet2000 on October 10, 2013 - 9:15am

Summary of the article : There are both positive and negative impacts of computer games on society. Simulation games improve our hand-eye coordination and are used to train people to use high-tech machines. Strategy games improve our ability to make decisions in real life and brain training games are used so people can learn while having fun. However, some people play video games excessively and develop a tendancy to isolate themselves from reality. In conclusion, computer games have mostly good impacts on society and can be used to have fun and relax as long as the computer games are not played excessively.


My opinion about this article : I agree with this article. I think that playing computer games is a nice way to amuse ourselves for low costs. However, I also think that there is a huge disadvantage that comes with computer games; some people become addicted to these so they neglect their own well-being and their responsabilities.

Question : Do you think that computer games are played too much in our society ?


It is very good.

Personally, I think teens are playing a lot at videogames, but not too much. They are going to school, they are hanging out with friends and they even play videogames with them! Teens of today, the electronic generation, are frequently pointed because we imagine that their lifestyle have only bad effects. In fact, an addiction is an addiction, we have to be moderate, but I prefer being addict to videogames than drugs! Our society is much more technological, we don’t play too much; we just follow development and new entertainment ways!

You’ve given a great opinion on this article. This is one of my favorite subjects since always. I did a lot of research and presentation on the impact of computer games general. I know there are a lot of good influences for our brain as becoming a faster and better processor. But, let's stop thinking about the physical impact on us of the computer games for a moment. I want to talk more about the psychological impact from the massive and diverse content from video games. Right now, there are so many types of games especially all the online MMORPG which have a lot of negative content. For example, in all MMORPG, the women characters are all really sexualized. But those super provocative and seductive characters are almost seen as normal things by the gamers. They are not asking why they are half naked or even almost completely nude. Maybe, you'll say that this type of games belongs to the fantasy genre. One more example, this is a well-known game called GTA V which made the best seller record in only one hour. Of course, most of the people know that there is a lot of sexual and criminal content in the game. The women in the game are always wearing seductive attire, and the player can actually kill them if they want. If need be, the player can also rape the women. Since when are these things normally presented to people? We are talking about the rape culture issue in this case. I'm not talking that this should be stopped. But we really need to be aware of what we are watching and receiving as information. So as you mentioned, there are positive and negative influences of computer games. Making people become almost ignorant about rape, violence, etc. is definitely one of them.
Here’s a link about rape culture: