Tv Truth or Newspaper Truth?

by Hellztruth on October 4, 2013 - 8:05pm

    There is a bus in ottawa that is crossing at an intersection over a rail track. A train is coming. The driver of the bus thinks that the train is far away when something goes wrong with the bus mechanisms. He thinks he can make it across the tracks in time. He doesn't, and neither did a group of innocent passengers. Due to reckless actions (or a mechanism gone wrong), people were killed in an accident. Both the news on our television screens and the news we get in our newspapers give us a varied version of this information; the information they think we need to know. However, do they give us the information we want? Is one better than the other? People have their own way of delivering the news, whether it be opinion, fact, research, or witness. But what editors publish on paper and what the authorities release in the news can be two entirely different things or can have different angles.

     Newspapers and news programs both have one thing in common: they inform the public about issues/events (disasters included) that happen in the world. After selecting an event (the train accident), we analyzed how 'Tv news' and newspapers publish/broadcast their information, we can clearly see some differences. Television coverage contains the victim's family's point of view. They also have reporters that are on the scene with live images filming the aftermath of the event. In some cases, there is even ammature video footage of bystanders witnessing an event. This gives a dramatic affect to what happened (as if it isn't already dramatic enough). Nevertheless, the live images are quick to impact the viewer. In the newspaper, there is a difference. While families of the victims are still able to get their message across, a newspaper also contains more details about the victim's lives and of the aftermath of the event. A newspaper (due to it being 'paper') cannot show us film or clips of what happened. It takes using mentality (thinking) in order for an article to impact you. A newspaper is also more likely to contain professional opinion from those who are deemed as 'important' (whether due to educational degree or influence). No matter the audience, both Tv news (such as CBC) and newspapers (The Gazette) paint different pictures.

     Now, which one do we trust to give us the facts? Not only the relevant facts, but the facts that we want to know? Do we trust the newspapers that depend on other people to get the story straight and print the truth? Or do we trust news broadcasts who depend on authorities to allow them to have coverage? Trusting our own judgement seems to be the more sensible (sometimes more comforting) action, even though it sounds impractical to trust ourselves (critical thinking) on matters happening abroad. Sure, watching the news and reading the newspaper makes us aware of the world around us, but it takes our own personal perspectives and views in order to grasp the truth from both of them.


I think that this proves the concept of objective reporter vs. Investagative reporter that we learnt in class. The news on TV mostly give objective reporting because, like it was said in the article above, there is a lot of bystanders who tell us what they've seen (he said, she said). While in newspapers there is more investigative reporting because there are actual people going in and observing what happened for themselves and then they report about what they have seen. Personally, I think newspapers are more reliable then television news. I also think that now with the internet, we have access to so many different news sources that we compare news reports from different cables, sites, and publishers to make our own idea of what actually happen instead of believing only one source.

Daniella B.

Having to write about a specific event or situation implies that the author, as mentioned in the blog, have to THINK about what he will be broadcasting. In general term, since a written article is published much later than the TV coverage, the author had time to gather much more useful informations and analise the situation with a more investigative way . A TV coverage is often executed just after the event occured, meaning that there is not always any reliable source of informations. TV just dumps us all the informations it can find without filtering it. In my opinion, newspapers are much more trustworthy than TV news programs.

I agree with you that it is better to trust your own judgement instead of trusting the news on TV or the one in newspaper since they both have they're own beliefs, they're view on reality will differ.

Hi Hellztruth,
I totally agree with your view on these two different platforms of information. As you say, we are in a period of time where we are not sure who we can trust to give the more relevant and true facts. Today in 2017, three years after your publication, we are overwhelmed with what is called fake news. Whether it is the TV news or Newspaper, their only goal is to release the information. It has become a race of who is first to tell it and when there is an error in that "mechanism" of delivering the news, people pay the price. Recently after being a victim of fake news, the Hollywood star Denzel Washington quoted in an interview "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do read it, you're misinformed." Here is a reliable article was written by the journalist Scott Berghegger where he also explains in details the similarities and differences between these two platforms of media.

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