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Colored Iphones? Red? Yellow? Blue? Green? White? And hold on! There is also a golden Iphone! September 20, Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c are releasing and honestly, after reading this article, I can’t wait to see this anymore. The article gives summarized information about these new cell phones, but there are two main things that I’m more excited about.


The first one is the new colors available. I think the Iphone 5c, C for Color, is a great idea. Maybe Apple could have done that before but now I realize they probably had the idea for a long time ago and this is just a marketing concept. If they had done this in 2008, and I think back then they were releasing Iphone 3G, the Iphone today wouldn’t be that special, it would have missed something. The Iphone 3G, in it’s time was enough advanced technologically so it didn’t need a bunch of different color to be sold. Today, except the new color concept and a couple of basic changes, Iphone 5s isn’t that different from Iphone 5 even from Iphone 4 s. So Apple needed to release something that looks fresh. This is just my opinion based on the info I learned in this article:


The second thing that I really like about the new Iphone 5s is the fingerprint sensor called Touch ID. That won’t change my life but I have to admit that I find this pretty cool and I wont have to remember a password neither to unlock my Iphone or neither to buy stuff on Itunes.

Personally, I don’t have an Iphone but I always wanted one and now I want one more then ever. I read some comments on the article and apparently people are not as much interesting in it as I do but I suggest you go read it, just to know what is going on with Apple’s technology.

Like I said, not everybody seems like falling in love with these new Iphones so if you want some good jokes about these, click on that link, even if I like Apple and their new phones, I found this pretty funny.


I myself own an iPhone 4S, and I must say that I love it. The device’s design, as well as its incredible App Store are some of its strongest points, for me. I was very eager to discover what new features the iPhones 5S and 5C would bring, but I was disappointed. It’s not as innovative as I expected it to be, and I have a few issues with the product that bother me even more than before.
Most importantly, I worry for everyone’s privacy with the new fingerprint feature. Should we allow a company to know so much of our private life? Should a company, whose intentions are not known, and who could easily sell individuals’ private informations to others, have access to our fingerprints?
A person’s fingerprints are unique, and usually not listed in any kind of database. It’s one thing when a criminal’s fingerprints are taken, it’s another with any normal citizen.
What’s more is that private companies are known for selling information to each other. Think of Facebook, Google, any other.
I am not saying that we should stop using any of these devices. Like you, I think the colored phones look really great, and the idea of unlocking your phone with your fingerprints seems really cool and high-tech. However, I would be careful as to who has access to my private information, just like I’m careful when I post on the Internet about myself.
With the recent revelations about the NSA, I think we should think before allowing such informations to get in their hands, so here’s an article to help everyone with our reflection:

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