California Social Issues--Fall, 2013

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California Social Issues--Fall, 2013

Going to be teaching a Social Problems class in the Fall, and looking to connect my students with others working on local issues in their areas, or who may be interested in California issues. Would love for students to compare notes on how issues are being tackled in their respective communities. For example, our school--Yuba College--is located in a rural, low-income area that meets the definition of a "food desert", and there are lots of health problems in the community as a result. Why is food access such a problem, even in a rich agriucltural area? Is it a problem in your locale? How are folks addressing it? 

Would you like to work together?

Hi there California Prof,

It sounds like your students will be doing similar work to mine (see my recent post). Would you like to get them together? I can be somewhat flexible with assignment guidelines at this point, it is my first time using this site (or any like this) and I'm still figuring out how I'd like to make this work.

If you're interested, let me know.

Genevieve A (geography)