Brandeis, The 'Founder' of Privacy Laws

by JulianLa on April 22, 2013 - 10:14am

The person I chose to talk about has done a lot of change crime and law related during his days. He is particularly known for his acts against privacy. Louis D. Brandeis was born in 1856 in Louisville, Kentucky. He became well known as a lawyer, reformer  and associate justice. Soon after graduation he had attended Harvard Law School and opened a practice with one of his classmates. He always acted according to what the client needed. However, once he had become a sought out lawyer, his interest changed from practice of law to reform.

Few people spoke of privacy rights during Brandeis' time. It had started when Brandeis and his schoolmate at Harvard had published "The Right to Privacy". In it, they argued that privacy should exist . Brandeis later became a Supreme Court justice and wrote dissenting opinions that placed privacy as a first concern, which later became famous.

This article that was posted on The New York Times on March 20th, 2013 by Matthew L. Wald, can be linked to Brandeis. He had helped start new privacy laws when they practically did not exist. Now, as we can see, drones are increasingly being used. However, every law concerning privacy had not taken into account these flying machines. They could be used for the wrong reason, which is why new laws need to be created to keep these under control.Another article from The New York Times posted on the February 22, 2013 by Margalit Fox, shows another example of a man who tried to help privacy all the way to his death. Like Brandeis, Westin was known to have aided privacy quite a fair bit. Brandeis was even mentioned in the article and showed that Westin centered in a different area than Brandeis. Westins concept became the cornerstone of today's right to privacy.


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I chose to comment on this because i have written most of the semester about the crime and law sector, so this person naturally interested me. The description of the person was clear, you high lighted the key details in his life. You also statted the impact that he made on the world focusing on privacy laws;which i believe are important nowadays.

As for the article summaries they were a bit short so maybe you can add a bit more detail. You did summarize the main ideas though so good job! The reference was good, because you followed proper mla style.

Here is an article that focuses on the privacy of criminals. police are considering using gps satellites to track criminals down. some people believ that it is a violation of privacy because it may not just be criminals that the police track down. we have to know to draw the line somewhere and i believe that this is a bad idea. maybe youll agree with me.

I found this article really interesting concerning Louis D. Brandeis. I think that our modern world really people like him to stand up for privacy rights and specially in the technology field. Like many of me preceding articles who talk about the problems and issues related to technology, Privacy is always a huge one. 

It is hard to control the information and even more to be sure of the privacy of it. On the other side, the company and software developer tend to do not in consideration privacy and bring it to another level where they can make profits from our informations regardless of our rights, our privacy rights.

I invite you to read about my article concerning privacy, laws and techonolgy called “Technology is faster than our rights and ... our naivety”