Falconne, one of the first men to stand up against the mafia.

by Dimitri Marinis on April 21, 2013 - 3:22pm

Who makes a difference?

The person I chose to talk about for this post is a man who devoted his life to battling the mafia in Italy. Having written most of my pieces this semester on the mafia and corruption, it’s safe to say that my person did some courageous things when he was alive.  Giovanni Falcone was born in 1939 in the city Palermo, Sicily and died in 1992 in Palermo as well. Falcone studied law at the Livorno naval academy and graduated in 1961. He then moved on to become a judge in 1964. Falcone then began to work at the prosecutions office in Palermo and this is where he made a difference.

Falcone investigated many crime families in Sicily. Not only did he put his own life at risk to do this job, he also put his love/family life on hold to complete his cases.” He became part of Palermo's Anti-Mafia Pool, created by Judge Rocco Chinnici. This was a group of investigating magistrates who closely worked together sharing information. Other than Falcone, the group included Paolo Borsellino, Giuseppe Di Lello and Leonardo Guarnotta”. Falcone took charge in the “maxi trial” which was the preliminary investigating of the mafia in Sicily. Being the man in charge of prosecution he got a important testimony from one of the mafia members who gave away all the mafia’s secrets. That testimony got 360 members arrested for serious crimes. After the maxi trials he teamed up with the district attorney of southern New York to investigate the Gambino and the Inzerillo families.

Falcone died on May 23rd1992 at the hands of the mafia who placed a bomb under the expressway between the airport and Palermo. His wife and security guard died on that day as well. Even though Falcone was not a volunteer he devoted his life to liberate the citizens of Sicily from the mafia. He will always be remembered as a gutsy person who stood by what he believed in; in spite of putting his own life in danger.


Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2274337/Mafia-boss-Joe-Ligambi-set-walk-free-jury-hits-deadlock-racketeering-claim--CLEARS-charges.html 

This article talks about a mob boss who is being released from prison because of lack of evidence against his crimes. His associate admitted to murder which was the first in Philly in 10 years. This ex mobster is a part of the witness protection program. Lingambi who is the lead boss in the Philadelphia mafia is being accused of selling illegal gambling equipment to restaurants, bars and other social places. The investigation has lasted a total of 13 years.

I linked this to Giovanni Falcone because he has done many trials like this. For example we have the maxi trial which was the largest trial ever done in Italy against the mafia.


Reference for Giovanni Falcone:



It is great to see you so enthusiastic about stopping corruption. Many people just go with the flow and are blackmailed to not interfere with the Mafia’s business. I have heard of Falconne before and I am glad to see that you took an interest in his work. He was considered to be a hero for standing up to the Mafia and I think everyone should take example from him, especially now. In a post I wrote at the beginning of the year titled “Free Habs Tickets?”, many officials are taking bribes from the Montreal mafia. At this time, it would be great to have a man like Falconne help fight against the corrupted officials and take the mafia down. An article written by Paul Cherry of the Montreal Gazette titled “Ex-RCMP translator to learn fate after leaking information”, discusses the sentence of a man who leaked information to the mafia. Though justice is being served, there are still many corrupt officials out there. This is the reason why we need people like Falconne; to fight for what is right and fair for everyone, not only the mafia.

Dimitri, I was reading your post on "someone who has changed or tried to change the world", and I found it very interesting. I found it very interesting because I think that you choose a good topic, Mafia, to write about because the Mafia is a big problem in our society that has been going on for many years. The Mafia has a lot of power and control over many businesses and they should be imprisoned because they are breaking many laws. People work their asses to have enough money to survive where as some Mobsters don't even work and are very wealthy. Also, I think your post was very well written because it was easy to understand,  and you managed to summarize Giovanni Falcone's life very well.

At the end of this comment I posted a news article that talks about Giovanni Falcone. It talks about his life, and what he managed to accomplish as an FBI agent. I think that this news article is very important because it is similar to your post on "someone who has changed the world". Also, I think that this news article will make people realize that the Mafia is bad and must be stopped. Even though Giovanni Falcone was killed by the Mafia, people should not be afraid to talk, or to investigate against the Mobsters. They are not invincible, and if everyone works together they can easily be put behind bars. Lastly, I think that this news article is very important because it reminds the public that Giovanni Falcone is a hero and will never be forgotten for what he has done.