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Business Plan

Executive Summary

  • Product or Service Section


For Dragon's Den long term project, we presented a culinary revolutionary product. The product is called the spaghetti pocket, its content it's like a pizza pocket but with spaghetti. The product will be offered in several flavors such as meatball, rosé sauce and tomato sauce. The dough can come in white or brown flour. The difference between Pizza Pocket and our product is that it's healthier and our target public will be sports person singular plural error or spelling the person spelling who do verb form not have the time to eat. Our product will be very protein ate don't try to use a French term - use the English term, has limestone plateau if its high content in feculent. He will be easy has to cook and will not take a lot of time has to cook. The first thing to introduce is the recipe of our product. You will see all the ingredient of our product.


Spaghetti Pocket

Characteristics and description

-       Spaghetti gluten and made with organic ingredients.


-       Organic white rice flour, organic quinoa flour.



Quinoa has a lot health benefits because of its nutritional value.


Quinoa is a rich grain in protein with a soft texture, creamy, slightly crunchy and when cooked it has a taste of nuts. Although considered for a grain, quinoa is actually part of the same family as spinach and beets. 


Although the type of quinoa is the most popular transparent yellow color, other varieties of this "grain" are available in orange, pink, red, and purple or black.

Quinoa is rich in complete protein (which includes all nine essential amino acids). Not only the amino acid profile of quinoa is well balanced, making it a good choice for vegans who must consume enough protein, but it is also generous in lysine (an essential amino acid for growth and tissue repair).

This seed is a good source of iron, copper and phosphorus, this "grain" may be very useful for people who suffer from migraine, diabetes.







Characteristics and description

  • Whole wheat bread flour is produced with hard spring wheat ground on millstones.

  • From 100 kg wheat grains, 98 kg whole wheat bread flour is extracted.

  • The gluten of this flour is strong which makes it appropriated for breads.

Product origin

We will take our wheat in Canada. It has been part of our diet since more than 12000 years and it is still a staple food nowadays. Actually, wheat represents a little more than 75% of the cereal consumption in Canada.

  • Industry and Market Analysis.

  • Strategy and Implementation Section

Pasta market research

We will analyze industry trends around the Canada and see all the people who eat pasta and then analyze the people who eat this, including in-depth data on market share and market size from the qualitative analysis. Down to specific category data we will ensure accurate and focused strategies for your business. A resource for your entire organization; we will do market research supports every level of business, assisting in strategic development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and brand management.


Your product sounds pretty good. It's cool how you’re planning on supporting Canadian farmers. I’m sure plenty of people will want to eat it. As a frozen food consumer, I like the choice of either microwaving my food, so I can eat it right away. Or slow baking it for extra taste. For packaging, you should have different size boxes. For example, people should have the option to buy 2 pockets, 4 pockets or 12 pockets. Also, if they buy the bigger boxes, they’ll save more per pocket. On a more personal note, I like to request that you make the dough the garlic bread. I’m sure plenty of people would agree with me on this.  Be careful thought, you should maintain a clean production line, so your customers don’t get sick. E. coli is a big problem in today’s society.

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