Collaborative Pilot News and Sociological Issues and film

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Collaborative Pilot News and Sociological Issues and film

I'm just starting this thread here. If this is the right place, great. Then, I can continue. If not, I'll have to restart it.

The idea is to create a global collaborative pilot project between NYC (moi), Canada (Gabe), SUNY (Josephine and Joe) and London (Journalism). I will be filming and ediitng vlogs to create a documentary/qualitative analysis

on what it really is like to collaborate.....warts and all.

Sounds great!

Hi Linda,

I'm really excited about your plans!

Although I may not be able to participate next year in the collaboration, I will be able to support you guys and provide guidance in how to use the site and even to link you (I think!) to a sociology professor in California who may be using the site in the fall!

The best way to incorporate videos, as far as I can tell, will be to upload them to youtube and to provide links and explanation in a post on the page of the film-maker.

Alternatively, low quality videos should be able to be uploaded directly, and a lot of the work in planning and preparing the video can take place in the newsactivist website.

Students can share material only with friends (and teacher's can be part of that) and over the summer I want to be making the site a little clearer about which campuses are collaborating so certain posts can be shared with the collaborating classes and not the whole website community- for drafts and planning.

Then final products can be marked public and the whole site can explore and comment on the work your collaborating students are developing!

Let me know any questions and try to get the other teachers who are involved to comment on this thread- then you will all get emails when any additional comments are added to this thread!

So excited to see what takes place!


Photography teacher

Hi folks,

First of all, Linda, get your collaborators to sign up here soon and access this thread so we can plan!

I was inspired to ask for this as I have a colleague, a photography teacher, who might want to join you in this project.

I'd also love to be able to continue the conversation with Joe I started about this site and photography. Clearly, film is a part of your work, so I'd like to spend time considering how we'll be able to make this site best serve your purposes!