Climate Change

by Dleneveu on April 27, 2018 - 6:23pm

In the article "Evaluation of climate models using paleoclimactic data" it explains how in this period it is the warmest periord in modern civilization, and this trend is expected to continue over time. The climate over the last few years have been record breaking, the last 3 years have been the warmest years on record for the globe. Evidece has shown that it is most likely due to human activities, such as emissions of greenhouse gases. They have susposedly been the number one cause of climate arding since the mid 20th century. The proof that shows that the worlds climate is infact rising are changes in temperature (surface, atmospheric, and oeanic), along with melting glaciers, reduction in snow covers, ice shrinking rising sea levels, and ocean acidification. It has been studied that the global average sea level has rised up to 7-8 more inches than it was back in 1900, with around 3 of those inches being in the last 25 years.

In my opinion, the different ways we ca change these problems are by being more patient as a society and instead of doing what is best for us now, try doing what is better for our ecosystem in the future. I believe that by generation we will adapt as a whole and learn to do what is best for our environment, but we must all take charge and take little steps in trying to help our planet. 




Due to the summary I chose, the author mention that “the last 3 years have been the warmest years on record for the globe.” However, I would have to argue against it, since many researches have proved how climate been unstable through the existence of the planet earth. And around the year 12 000 B.C. that the climate has stabilized and the development of the human kind had begun. In other words, they were major climate changes in the past centuries, to be exact a change of 2°C higher (“Climate change could raise food insecurity risk”, 2018) Yet, we must consider he whole history when mentioned the record of the globe. Overall, the content was really interesting, and was supporting the fact that climate change is bringing heavy changes to the future generation.

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