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by beatricegiguere on April 5, 2018 - 8:35pm

Causes of climate change 


The present article from the government of Canada explains the most important causes of climate changes. The main one is of course as many would guess, human activity. Due to the burning of fossil fuels and the transformation of forest to agricultural lands. The burning of fossil fuels creates a “greenhouse effect” and carbon dioxide. This previous is stuck into the atmosphere which makes the Earth warmer. Greenhouse gases are created by climate forcers, which are substances outside the climate system. They push the climate to be either colder or warmer, the sun could also enter in this category since its radiance changes could force the climate to be warmer. However, greenhouse gases are way faster, thus, way more dangerous. The main solution would implicate to reduce carbon dioxide emissions caused by humans.  Climate change is a shift in the weather that is on the long-run characterized by changes in precipitation temperature and winds. The Earth’s weather is balanced by its outgoing energy and incoming energy. It is important to note that it is note because some variables of the climate change from the past will not be relevant today, others will count. Factors of climate changes are separated in two, first, there are the factors link to human activities and second, the ones associated to natural processes. Many climate forcers, like carbon dioxide for example, have long-lived impact since it stays longer in the atmosphere  and makes more damages to the environment then short-lived climate forcers. 


Overall, I think that although there are natural causes of climate changes, the burning of fossil fuel especially, is way worse than we think. We have to care more about human impacts since it is changing the climate in an irresistible way.


Climate change is extremely likely due to human activities. In my opinion, I consider global warming as the biggest challenge of all times. I found this article really interesting because it presents the main causes of climate changes. Also, the article is from the government from Canada which, in a way, provides nation the concerns about global warming and greenhouse gases. As mentioned in your summary, the burning of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil) creates greenhouse effects and Carbone dioxide that goes into the atmosphere. But how, as humans, can we reduce carbon dioxide emission? One way we could reduce carbon dioxide emissions is to use carbon-free sources of energy, such as solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, and low-head hydropower. For example, when possible, walk or ride your bike in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

I decided to answer to this summary because it’s important to know what our country as to say about climate change, especially since the change of government; Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada, to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada. In a article of Climate Action Network Canada’s website, they add the consequences of global warming to every regions of Canada, from the Maritimes to the West coast passing by the Northern territories. It is discussed that it will have a negative impact on Canadian economy, but also a much greater ecological impact.

Link to the article:

I chose to respond to your summary because, climate change worries me very much. It is actually the reason for my everyday stress. Like you, I agree that we need to stop burning fossil fuels and releasing Greenhouse gases. In order to do this, we would need to completely transform to renewable resources, which we are in the process of doing, but may still take a long time to complete. Your article brought up another interesting point, that is human activity. We are most definitely the number 1 cause or at least the cause of increase speed of climate change. In the article, "The influence of human activity in the Arctic on climate and climate impacts" by Henry Huntington, among many, states that "although human activities in the Arctic are generally assumed to be modest, our analysis suggests that those activities may have larger influences on the arctic system than previously thought. Moreover, human influences could increase substantially in the near future." I sincerely hope that the people of the world, can come together and fight against climate change, if it's not too late.

Huntington, H. P., Boyle, M., Flowers, G. E., Weatherly, J. W., Hamilton, L. C., Hinzman, L., . . . Overpeck, J. (2007). The influence of human activity in the arctic on climate and climate impacts. Climatic Change, 82(1-2), 77-92. doi:

I agree with you when it comes to fossil fuels being a large cause to climate change. The planet gets warmer every day, but humans don’t notice it because they don’t see the impact they have. There are many impacts about climate change including rising sea levels. The earth is warming up at a very rapid pace which is having many consequences but without science, it would be very hard to even notice that climate change even existed. Science has also explained a few of the reasons why the climate is changing including greenhouse gasses. Without these new discoveries, we would not be able to try and lower our harmful impacts on the environment. In the article you chose, it is nice to see that it also talks about the natural process and that it is not only humans causing this climate change. If you would like to read more on sea levels rising, I will put the link below.

I chose to comment on your summary because I think that it’s important to know all the cause of climate change, it’s a really big issue that affects everyone on the planet, and everyone should be aware of it. I find really frustrating that almost everyone knows what kind of effect the greenhouse gases have on the earth and are just ignoring it. The sun rays that are captured in the atmosphere, are the main cause of all the ice melting in Antarctica. All those greenhouse gases; carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor, are overheating our ecosystems and making it harder and harder for humans, animals, and plants to live. In every bad, there’s a good, and in this case, the earth cannot live without the trapped the heat in the atmosphere because if not, the earth would be too cold to support any kind of living things. But there is a limit to the amount the earth can handle, humans are currently producing an excessive amount of greenhouses gases by burning too much fossil fuel and forests. The amount of greenhouse gases as increased greatly and has resulted in a rise in the world’s temperature. We are destroying our own earth and I really hope that one day the world will finally notice this problem and do something about it.

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