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by tatyana.borshchyov on February 23, 2018 - 11:05pm

According to the article “Population Growth Puts Dent in Natural Resources”, population growth will exhaust all the natural resources. One of them will be water and energy. And since only the USA has 305 million people from 6,7 billion, it should be taking seriously to take action towards this critical situation. Criss is one of the researches that is working with his associates to combine as much data on the environment.  Due to his research, he found that around 150 million Americans use nonrenewable ground water everyday. Which leads to low level of ground water in other places. Moreover, with the population growth, the usages of ground water have expended with time. Thus, we should changes the ways the nonrenewable resources and make them apart of our political and religious values.



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I enjoyed reading your opinion on groundwater. I agree completely with you because water is basically the source of life on earth we can say in a way. I agree with you when you explain how we should implement laws on the use of groundwater, but sadly that is far from reality. Many places on earth are suffering from a shortage of surface water due to climate change and global warming. places such as California. California is the state that produces the most agricultural resources for the united states and in order to grows fruits and vegetables you need water. Hence California is suffering from a major drought for over a decade and major cuts on water usage as cited by Justin Gills and Matt Richtel in their article ''Beneath California Crops, Groundwater Crisis Grows''. Because of these cuts farmer are forced to turn elsewhere for their water supply, so they begin to dig and dig into groundwater resources. this has been going on for years and already that groundwater is a limited resource, it can have majors repercussions on water levels, lakes, rivers and rural areas around this water source. These farmers are aware of the consequences but they have no choice if they want to keep on produces their crops for the country and roll their economy. It is like this in many other places such as Kansas in America, India, Peru and Morocco. mostly areas where there is farming. This issue goes deeper than just political and religious values. It is a choice influenced by economy and survival. To do or not to do. California government has decide to impose laws on the usage of groundwater while fully aware of their water shortage and necessity of groundwater for their farm corps (Gills et al. 2015). This goes to show how serious this is and how hard it is to come to a decisions that no matter what will harm one side or the other. Your article although permits to demonstrate how major global warming is of an important issue and that if we do not unite to solve this growing problem we just might lose more resources than ground water and be on the verge of a global crisis.

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