Teachers Cannot be Replaced by Technology

by Paul on December 22, 2017 - 12:36am


About 4,000 years ago, humans developed their first means of non-face-to-face communication with the discovery of smoke signals and then, about 2,500 years ago, drums. For the first time, people were able to connect without being in physical proximity to each other, Amazingly, not much changed in communication technology for the next 2,300 years or so (Taylor, 2017). Actually, making a call among people, it takes less than 10 seconds now. We have something that can make our life easier to do anything. Computers and smart-phones are becoming unavoidable things that could make our life easier than 20-30 years ago. Every change in technology has pros and cons especially in educational systems, but technology might take over the teacher’s position in the future. This time, I want to write about the possibility that computer might not take over the education and the teacher would not be as secondary in the future.

Teachers have many good impacts on our life. Teachers are not only teaching us to be smart at math, English, science and so on, but they also can be a friend who will understand the weak points that we have. College students must have a 3.0 GPA and pass a new exam to qualify for the teacher preparation program (Mader, 2013) In other words, teachers are educated, so they can share their experiences with students to become a good leader and they can keep eye on student’s attitude because teachers will not let students go into wrong path. Sometimes students just do not understand why teacher always let students do homework all the time or why they let students stay tune on news all the time. Based on my experiences, those meant a lot to me. I feel that they were true. They wanted us to be able to manage time. They wanted us to have good personalities so that we can be anyone we want to be.

Great technology requires great teachers. Over the last decade, the number of people taking online courses and therefore using technology as a tool to enhance their education has increased dramatically (Bryant, 2016). This situation forces students to have teachers so that they can use technology to facilitate their studies. Students will have difficulty operating technology like using Microsoft word for the first time, so teachers are strongly needed. When I was a junior high student, my school’s facilities were quite good, but I could not even operate a computer, so the teacher taught me how to operate it. Starting from turning the computer on until how we shut down the computer correctly. I think even though we have good facilities to study, we will always need teachers to study. Too long sentence

The teachers could lead students and give good directions so that students could find the way to become what they want to be, but new research is helping to clarify how teachers become chronically stressed, and how it can affect their students’ well-being and achievement (Sparks, 2017). However, the computers can be a good choice to facilitate students in studying, but teachers cannot be secondary in an education system. Students always need someone to lead them because education is not only about knowledge but it also truly needs attitude so that students can be a good person in the future.









I aggree your opinions. First of all, teahcers have experiences that they learned study and school life, so their advices for the students are very useful and important. AI never experience school life and they can't understand any feelings of students. Teachers can grow students hearts, because they meet and have a communication. It is very important to be an adult. These students can also help next children. Human have to pass over it and it is impossible AI will replace this important job, also teacher can use machines and they opererate it very well. We can get along with these technology and it is just a tool to help education. By doing this, we can have high quality education.

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