Wazing to a more sustainable transport.

by artembatutin on November 28, 2017 - 4:23pm

Montreal is a city with a dense population of 1.74M people.This fact is astonishing concidering its location: an island. At its origin, the city was build as a trading outpost. History aside, we don't sail boats anymore to go work. How are we able to conclude a sustainable solution for transportation?

Montreal with its dense population has many minor and major issues. We know well the traffic hours around the Montreal island. Montreal has a total of seven bridges built for car transportation including all coast sides. Taking into account the climate change, we don't help it much. If such city with dense rich population has an over-usage of cars on roads, we shall act upon it.

In the peer-reviewed article by Johnstan Ian, we see all examples of a sustainable transport. It all comes to one conlusion, which is public transport. He implicitly says that there are major environmental benefits gains when getting people out of their cars.

Such change in fact requires a strongly provided service such as our STM, ATM & RTL infrastructures. So in conclusion, why would Montreal not be in a good potition to be effectively sustainable? Many reasons, some I wouldn't be able to change.

My engagement is defined by providing a clear message: More cars, means more traffic. There are several reasons to switch to public transport:

  • Reserved bus lanes.
  • Frequent bus stops.
  • Flexible bus schedule.
  • You help the environment.

How will I manage to promote the message? I have a personal contact working in a company called Waze. Waze is a global positioning system (GPS) incorporated by Google which serves as a community.

This GPS provides live traffic updates and has other useful feature for anyone who uses the road frequently. Once you come to a red-light (unless you always pass-trought them), a small advertising banner comes down from the top of your device which looks like this: http://static.adweek.com/adweek.com-prod/wp-content/uploads/files/news_article/waze-ads-hed-2015.png

Why this way? We are directly targeting people who are standing in traffic for few hours. Therefore, we have more effect with our campaign to change their minds.

Will we actually change their mind? No, they already own a care. However we can change their perspective and educate them on the topic of a sustainable transport.

What's the cost? All information is displayed here https://biz.waze.com/ However, this won't cost me a dime because one of my family members works in their branch.

So what will you you? I will design and create an elegantly pleasing & catching advertising banner to promote public transportation.

A GPS company accepting an anti-car advertising campaign? They wouldn't care more or less, it's in a good cause. They already have enough money as they are funded by Google Inc. 


Li, Y., Yang, J., Shi, H., & Li, Y. (2017). Assessment of sustainable urban transport development based on entropy and unascertained measure. Plos ONE, 12(10), 1-9. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0186893

Johnston, Ian. "Sustainable Transport - Separating the Meaning from the Mantra." Road & Transport Research, vol. 14, no. 1, 2005, pp. 65-71, Research Library, https://proquest-crc.proxy.ccsr.qc.ca/docview/215247719?accountid=44391.


I completely agree with you. Cars contribute to pollution which leads to climate change and traffic is something that makes many of us angry because we are always running out of time. The solution that you propose will have a long-term impact on people’s happiness because it involves voluntary control. Indeed, people will be happier by deciding to take public transportation instead of being stuck in traffic and frustrated.
People own more cars than they actually need. Why is that? The answer is materialism. When people are bored of their old car, they buy a new one; therefore, your advertising banner may also contribute to a change regarding materialism which generates ecological costs such as pollution.

Wow, I completely agree with you! Cars have a bing impact on the health of our planet and it leads to climate change. A majority of people have a car and use it everyday, it can cause a lot of traffic and also a lot of anxiety. Running out of time make people angry and stressed and the solution that you propose is really good because public transport are a good way to reduce the trafic and at the same time it is good for the planet. Pollution is a big issue for our society and materialism is a cause because people always buy more and more and it affects the health the planet. People do not need one or two car or they do not need to change it every four years! With the media like Facebook, the radio and the TV we are exposed to materialism and it is hard to resist to affluenza.

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