Essay Abstract

by Mel on March 20, 2013 - 10:43pm

Essay Abstract

Through my research I have concluded that some factors contributing to criminal behaviour can be attributed to the education system.

Many youth who are convicted for any particular violent crime have claimed that they had conflicts with school in general. Many are misdiagnosed, leaving out the fact that they have a learning disability, therefore not being taken in charge properly.  Kelly Katharine, Totten Mark, When Children Kill, Toronto: Broadview press, 2001.

When a delinquent is properly diagnosed with a learning disability, he or she is put into special class. This is done without any consideration of the emotional impact of being labelled as ‘disable’ on the youth. Spina Stephanie, Smoke and mirrors, 2009.

Bullying in school claimed to be something that youth criminals were faced with on a daily basis. The constant harassment had a big negative impact on the psychological well-being of these individuals and was a contributing factor to their outburst of violence. David Smith, School Experience and Delinquency at ages 13-16, center for Law and society, the University of Edinburgh.

Are you convinced by my arguments? Any sources that might help me with my essay?

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